Documentation for XSLT Stylesheets

The oXygen XSLT Documentation tool allows you to generate full documentation for the XSLT stylesheet components in XHTML format, including comprehensive annotations and cross references.

User supplied descriptions can be specified either in the form of XML comments or in a simple language for which oXygen provides easy editing support through special actions for inserting documentation and through content completion assistance. Support for user defined documentation languages can be added by updating the conversion to XHTML to support those languages.

XML Schema Documenation in HTML format

The core elements from existing documentation frameworks such as XSLStyle and Doxsl, as well as some usual DocBook, DITA and all the XHTML elements, are handled for user-supplied descriptions.

XSLT Stylesheet Documentation Examples

It is possible to generate XSLT stylesheet documentation either in XHTML format or in an oXygen specific XML format.

You can find here an XHTML sample of the documentation generated by oXygen XML Editor for a very simple XSLT stylesheet. For more complex samples, see:

Options for the XSLT Documentation Tool

For large XSLT stylesheets a "generate chunks" option is available for the HTML format that will output documentation in multiple files.

The XML Schema Documentation Dialog

Support for Imported and Included XSLT Stylesheets

The generated documentation includes all the components defined in the imported or included stylesheets.

Best Look and Performance

The documentation output is carefully designed with a balanced selection of colors and a neat layout.

oXygen XML Editor delivers the best available performance for generating XSLT stylesheet documentation. While working with even the largest XSLT stylesheet, oXygen generates complete documentation within seconds.

Also Available as Command Line Tool

In case you need to integrate the generation of XSLT stylesheets documentation into a build process, you can invoke use this tool directly from the command line.

XSLT editor documentation support

When the Content Completion Assistant is invoked inside an XSLT editor by pressing CTRL+SPACE, it will offer elements from the XSLT documentation schema (either the built-in one or one specified by user). A contextual action for adding documentation blocks is also available in the editor contextual menu.

The XML Schema Documentation Dialog
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