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  • <oXygen/> XML


    <oXygen/> XML Editor is the complete XML development and authoring platform. It provides the must have tools for working with a wide range of XML standards and technologies. <oXygen/> XML Editor includes both the development features of <oXygen/> XML Developer and the authoring features of <oXygen/> XML Author, as well as the diff and merge functionality of <oXygen/> XML Diff.

    • XML development
    • XML authoring
    • XML diff and merge

  • <oXygen/> XML


    <oXygen/> XML Developer is an <oXygen/> distribution specially tuned for XML development, providing the best coverage of today's XML technologies.

    • XML editing
    • XML conversion
    • XML Schema development
    • XSLT/ XQuery/ XPath execution and debugging
    • SOAP and WSDL testing
    • Native XML and relational database support
    • XML instance generation

  • <oXygen/> XML


    <oXygen/> XML Author is a simplified distribution of the Editor, oriented to content authors. It offers a large number of advanced XML editing features and a visual editing platform, similar to a word processor.

    • Structured editing
    • XML Publishing Frameworks
    • Single Source Publishing
    • Collaboration tools
    • Extensibility

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