Features & Technologies


Different perspectives: XML Editor, XSLT Debugger, XQuery Debugger, XML Databases, XML Tree Viewer/Editor

The views inside the oXygen XML Editor window are dockable, floating, and hideable

Manage and share transformation scenarios together with the project

Share any of the oXygen XML Editor options together with the project

Batch validation and batch transformations

Multi-line find and replace support allows regular expressions, is XML aware, and can handle multiple files

XML Validation

Validate XML documents with XML Schema, Relax NG, DTD, NVDL, and Schematron schema or embedded Schematron rules

Edit and validate support for XML Schema (visual diagram), Relax NG (visual diagram), NVDL scripts, DTD, and Schematron

Multiple validation engines: Xerces, XSV, LIBXML, MSXML 4.0, MSXML.NET, Saxon EE, and SQC

XML Validation and "Well-Formedness" Check with XInclude and XML Catalog support

Easy error tracking - locate the error source by clicking on it, visual markers and overview ruler in the XML editor

Link to the exact location in the specification for XML Schema errors

XML Schema Modeling

Visual diagram-based XML Schema Editor and RelaxNG Schema Editor

Refactoring actions

Include/Import graph

Component dependencies analyzer

Generate HTML or PDF documentation from W3C XML Schemas

Support for generating large sets of sample XML instances from W3C XML Schema

Intelligent XML editing

The best content completion support, offering XML elements, attributes, and values (handling ID references, enumerations, and list values)

Using the spreadsheet-like XML Grid Editor Mode, easily edit XML documents consisting of repetitive patterns

Schema annotations/DTD comments presented next to the content completion proposals

oXygen XML Editor provides editing and validation support for NVDL scripts and for XML documents associated with NVDL scripts.

Context-sensitive content assistant driven by XML Schema, Relax NG, NVDL, DTD, or by the document structure

XML document wizards and XML code templates (abbreviations)

Tree-based XML outliner synchronized in real time with the edited document

New XML document wizards to easily create XML documents specifying a schema or a DTD

Source folding support with powerful manipulation actions and persistence

Schema Model View presenting schema information about the current XML element

Format and indentation of XML files

XSL/XSLT Support

XSLT 1.0, XSLT 2.0, and XSLT 3.0 editing, validation, transformation, debugging, and profiling support

Multiple XSLT processors: Xalan 2.7.1, Saxon 6.5.5, Saxon EE, XSLTProc, and MSXML3.0/4.0/.NET 1.0/2.0

XSLT debugging using multiple built-in processors: Xalan 2.7.1, Saxon 6.5.5, Saxon Home Edition, Saxon Professional Edition, as well as the Schema Aware Saxon Enterprise Edition

Easy XSLT/XQuery transformation and XML validation management with reusable scenarios

Powerful XSLT search and refactoring actions working across multiple files

Preview the transformation results as XHTML, XML, or in your browser

XSLT stylesheet documentation in HTML

Single-Source XML Publishing

Visual WYSIWYG XML-editing mode, based on W3C CSS stylesheets

Ready-to-use visual editing support for DocBook, DITA, TEI, and XHTML.

Visual DITA Maps Manager, closely integrated with DITA Open Toolkit

FO transformations using embedded Apache's FOP to generate PDF or PS files from XML documents

Support for external Formatting Object Processors.

oXygen is a complete solution for editing documents in both left to right and right to left scripts, offering full Unicode and Multi-lingual editing support

oXygen XML Editor includes the DocBook, DITA, and TEI documentation frameworks

Support for CALS and HTML tables

Preconfigured publishing scenarios for: HTML, WebHelp, PDF, and Eclipse/Windows help

oXygen XML Editor provides support for editing, validating, and creating EPUB files. Predefined transformation scenarios allow you to publish DITA and DocBook documents to EPUB

XQuery Support

Browse, edit, or query using XQuery and SQL native XML, or relational databases

Mapping from the XSLT or XQuery output result to the source and stylesheet, or XQuery file locations

XQuery 1.0 editing, validation, transformation debugging, and profiling support

Integrated XQuery Debugger for the MarkLogic XML Database

XQuery Profiler

XPath Support

XPath evaluation and syntax checking, XPath content completion support

Content Completion Assistant with functions and annotations

XPath Builder view

The Content Completion Assistant offers XPath functions in Schematron

Native XML and Relational Databases

Management support for relational databases: Oracle 11g R1, IBM DB2 Pure XML, and Microsoft SQLServer 2008

Management support for XML Databases: Documentum xDB, MarkLogic, eXist, and Berkeley DB XML

Import from relational databases and other sources to XML

Browse, edit, or query using XQuery and SQL native XML, or relational databases

Access to CMS and Remote Resources

Microsoft SharePoint Content Management System (CMS) Integration

Support for editing remote XML files over FTP/SFTP, HTTP/WebDAV, and HTTPS/WebDAV

Any WebDAV-enabled CMS supported


Keep track of the changes you make to a document using the track changes feature

You can examine and merge differences between XML documents using the built-in XML Diff and Merge tool

Full fledged client for the Apache SubversionTM (SVN) versioning system

Support for Office Documents

Ready-to-use validation, editing, and processing support for Microsoft® Office Open XML (OOXML)

Ready-to-use validation, editing, and processing support for Open Document Format (ODF) and other ZIP-based packages


Conversions from DTD, Relax NG, or a set of XML documents to XML Schema, DTD, or Relax NG

Canonicalization and digital signature of XML documents

WSDL SOAP analyzer

Large File Viewer (up to 10 GB)

Contribution to Open Source Projects

oXygen XML Editor makes open source NVDL implementation available, oNVDL based on Jing

oXygen XML Editor contributes patches, fix suggestions, and improvement requests to open source projects it uses


oXygen XML Editor is available as a standalone desktop or Java Web Start application, or as an Eclipse plugin

No platform lock-in, the same license can be used on any platform with any distribution of the oXygen XML Editor