Sales FAQ

Licensing and Pricing

What licensing models are available?

Depending on the license edition (Enterprise, Professional, Personal, Academic), several license models are available: Named-User based, Floating, and group licenses (available only for Academic edition: Academic Site, Academic Departmental, and Academic Classroom).

How is teaching and academic research purposes defined for an Academic license?

Educational purposes are defined as conducting education classes, labs or related programs for teaching and/or learning the products, or technical concepts related to the products (for example, classes on XML development, introduction to XML, XSD, XSL languages or technologies to name a few).

Academic research purposes are defined as conducting not-for-profit research projects which are not intended to or in fact produce results, works, services, or data for commercial use by anyone or to generate revenue. The results should be in the public domain and suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed journal or conference for publication. These academic licenses are not for use in a direct revenue generating capacity.

Do you offer volume discounts?

We offer volume discounts for all orders containing at least 5 licenses of the same type. Volume discounts are applied directly in the shopping cart and can go as high as 15%.

Our purchase from you is subject to withholding tax in our country. What should we do?

Most major countries have tax treaties that enable you to avoid withholding tax. If applicable, we can help you to avoid withholding tax by completing relevant tax forms (such as the W8BEN form for customers in the US). However, you bear sole responsibility for any withholding tax liabilities, and no deductions must be made in the amount paid to Syncro Soft under any circumstances.

If any deduction or withholding is required by law, you will notify us and will pay us any additional amounts necessary to ensure that the net amount that we receive, after any deduction and withholding, equals the amount we would have received if no deduction or withholding had been required.

How are Named Users defined, identified and managed?

"Named User" is defined as an individual full or part-time employee who is authorized by You to use the Software regardless of whether the individual is actively using the Software at any given time. To avoid any doubt, Named User licenses cannot be shared amongst multiple individuals and separate Named User licenses must be purchased for each individual user.

You shall identify those employees assigned to a Named User license on the “Managed Named Users” list (the “List”). This List can be maintained by your System Administrator (or similar person) using anything from a simple spreadsheet to a complex licensing management tool and should always be kept up-to-date in order to avoid any compliance surprises should an externally triggered software audit occur.

A Named User license may not be reassigned to another employee except in the following circumstances:

  • (a) Upon termination of the Named User’s employment with your company.
  • (b) Permanent reassignment of a Named User to a position that does not involve the use of the Software.

For example, suppose Jane has been assigned an Oxygen XML license and she leaves your company. When she leaves, you can simply reassign her license to John, her replacement. In the event that you do reassign the Named User license in accordance with the restrictions above, you do not need to notify Syncro of such a reassignment.

Can I run Oxygen on different operating systems?

Oxygen is a cross-platform application and can be run on OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Can I use a named user-based license key on multiple machines?

Yes. The Oxygen "Named User"-based license (see paragraph 1.c from EULA) entitles the named user to install and use any distribution of Oxygen (standalone, Eclipse plugin, Java Webstart) on any platform (Mac OS X, Windows, UNIX/Linux) as long as only the registered user will use that license (see paragraph 2.3 from EULA).

What are the differences between the Academic, Personal, and Professional editions of Oxygen XML Editor?

There's no functional difference between the Academic, Personal, and Professional editions. The only difference is in the license terms.

What are the differences between the Professional and Enterprise editions of Oxygen XML Editor / Oxygen XML Author / Oxygen XML Developer?

On top of the Professional edition, the Enterprise one offers, among others, support for commercial databases (both relational and native XML), and SharePoint CMS. For an accurate comparison between the two editions, please check the Feature Matrix.

Our company bought a total of three licenses and two of the licenses need to be transferred. Please let me know how to go about the process.

If you want to transfer two of the licenses to another company, that is not allowed under EULA (the license is non-transferable see points 2.2 and 3.1 from

I just purchased an Upgrade / Support and Maintenance Pack Renewal. The email I have received contains a new license key. What should I do with this key?

The new license key completely replaces the previous one. Use this license key to update the licensing information in your Oxygen installation.

Can I install and use a prior version of Oxygen?

You may use your current version license key to register an older version of Oxygen (for example, in order to comply with your organization's compatibility requirements). Prior stable versions of Oxygen are available in the Software Archive section of the website.

How floating (concurrent) licenses work?

To manage a floating license key you need to install and use the license server/servlet (available free of charge). Note that starting with version 17.0 of Oxygen, floating license keys require an activation step, which will lock the license key to a particular server machine.

Is it possible to install your Software product on a Virtual Machine?

Oxygen may be installed in a virtual machine environment as long as this complies with the Oxygen End User License Agreement.

How to Order

Is my order secure?

Yes! We can choose between 2Checkout and Share-IT for your online orders. Both ordering systems are protected via a secure connection so that the data sent to the recipient can only be read by the recipient. All of the data entered on the protected pages is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

Are there any additional fees?

All prices listed on the Oxygen website do not include any excise, sales, transfer, use, value-added or like taxes, or any other duties, tariffs, assessments or government impositions of any nature whatsoever which are levied or based upon the payments made by you to us. European Union companies should provide a valid VAT ID number in order to be exempt from VAT.

Are previous versions of Oxygen still available for purchase?

Only the latest Oxygen version is available for purchase. However, Oxygen license keys are backwards compatible down to version 10.3, so you can install an older version of Oxygen and register it using a freshly purchased license key.


Do you offer evaluation licenses?

Yes. You may register for a 30-day trial license from:

When does the evaluation period start?

The evaluation period starts from the moment you request your license online.

Is the evaluation software limited in functionality?

No, the evaluation license allows you to use all the functionality of the software.

My evaluation license has expired. May I get an extension of the trial period?

Please send us an email at and we'll evaluate your request.


How to upgrade my license to the latest version of Oxygen?

You have to purchase an upgrade suited to your license type. If in doubt on what to purchase, request an online order history or contact our support team for a quote.

Are free upgrades included in the purchase price?

All minor upgrades associated with a major version are offered free of charge. However, the best way to keep your licenses up-to-date is to cover them with the Support and Maintenance Pack option. See the Support and Maintenance Pack section for more details.

Support & Maintenance Pack

What is the Support & Maintenance Pack(SMP) option?

All Oxygen new licenses and upgrades can be purchased with a one-year or two-year SMP option. This provides priority technical support and allows you to benefit of all new Oxygen versions, minor and major, released in the time frame covered by the SMP.

My Support & Maintenance Pack license has expired. How can I renew my SMP?

You may purchase a new SMP no more than 14 days after your previous SMP has expired. Please note that one Support & Maintenance Pack license covers one license of Oxygen.

I want to order five new licenses. How many Support and Maintenance Packs do I need to buy?

One Support and Maintenance Pack covers one license, so you should purchase five Support and Maintenance Packs to cover all five new licenses.

Software Availability and Delivery

How will I receive my product?

The software delivery is electronic only. You can download the software at any time from the Oxygen website download page, while the license key will be sent to you by email. There will be no actual shipment of a physical product.

Is there a printed manual available?

No. Oxygen includes full documentation as an integrated Online Help file. Visit the Oxygen Documentation page for more options.

My computer crashed. How can I get the software and my license?

The latest installation kits may be downloaded from the Oxygen website download page, while the older versions are available in the software archive page. You may request a re-delivery of your license key by sending us an email at with information that might help us identify your order, such as registration name, purchase reference number, delivery email address, and invoice/payment receipt.

I have some further questions. Who can I talk to?

If you have additional questions not answered above, contact our support team. Thank You!

Statement of 508 Compliance

Does Oxygen comply with Section 508?

To find out how Oxygen complies with the Section 508 click here.

End of Life Policy

Where can I find Oxygen XML's official "end-of-life" policy?

Oxygen XML's official End Of Life (EOL) Policy is available online at

Refund Policy

Where can I find Oxygen XML's Refund Policy?

Oxygen XML's Refund Policy is available at

Oxygen XML WebHelp

Are there restrictions on the rights of the WebHelp pages generated by the Oxygen XML WebHelp package with regard to publishing the WebHelp pages on my website or including them in a third-party product?

The WebHelp EULA places no restrictions on the generated WebHelp pages. Therefore, you may publish them wherever you want and you may include them in a third-party product without restrictions.

May I redistribute the WebHelp plugin that comes in the Oxygen XML WebHelp package, by including it in a third-party product?

No. The WebHelp EULA forbids the inclusion of the WebHelp plugin in a third-party product. A different license with different license terms is needed in this case, please contact us at for more details.

Is the WebHelp plugin able to build multiple sets of WebHelp pages from multiple input documents, in a single documentation process (a single Process ID as defined by the WebHelp EULA)?

Yes. A single documentation process, based on a single installation of the WebHelp plugin and running in a single instance of a deployed server application, is able to build one set of output WebHelp pages per each input document.

Do the WebHelp license terms allow replicating a singular Process ID over multiple servers?

No. One WebHelp license allows the installation of the WebHelp plugin in a single instance of a deployed server application process (the Process ID). If you wish to replicate the server application process over multiple servers you will need one WebHelp license for each replicated instance of the server application process (the Process ID).

Do the WebHelp license terms allow running the WebHelp plugin by multiple users within the single instance of the Process ID?

Yes. The WebHelp plugin is licensed per deployed server application process (the Process ID), not per user name. Any number of users may start and run the WebHelp plugin within one Process ID.