Validating XSLT Stylesheets

XSLT Validation

XSLT Processors

Oxygen XML Editor performs the validation of XSLT documents using various XSLT processors (Xalan, Saxon 6.5, Saxon 9, Microsoft XSLT engines, or any JAXP XSLT processor).

As-You-Type Stylesheet Validation

Validation errors are automatically marked by Oxygen in the editor as you are editing your document, and you can easily spot the problems and fix them. More information in regards to the error is displayed at the bottom of the editor and in a tooltip message when hovering over the position of the error.

XSLT Validation Error

Validations Scenarios and Batch Validation

Validation scenarios are a very powerful feature that allow you to perform multiple validations in one action. For example, you can validate a stylesheet with multiple engines in the same action. Also, by using the Validate action from the Project view, you can easily validate a set of files or all files from the project.