XSLT Transformation

XSLT Transformation

Multiple XSLT Processors

You can choose between the most popular Java XSLT engines (Xalan, Saxon 6, Saxon EE), which are bundled with Oxygen. Also, you can perform XSLT transformations using MSXML 3.0/4.0/.NET and XSLTProc transformers, or you can configure any JAXP compliant XSLT processor and use it to perform transformations.

Re-usable and Flexible Transformation Scenarios

With Oxygen, you can easily create and run your XSLT transformations by using the built-in transformation scenarios. The transformation scenarios can be configured to run the XSLT document you are developing and the scenarios can be shared with other users.

Transformation View

Preview Transformation Results

Oxygen offers integrated views that show the XSLT transformation results as text, HTML, or SVG. You can also choose to see the transformation results in the application associated with the output file type.

Preview transformation results