Component-Oriented Views for Ant Build Files

Ant Outline View

The Outline view displays Ant components (such as targets, extension-points, properties, and references) from the currently edited build file, along with the components of its imported and included modules. You can easily focus on a subset of a components using the text filter at the top of the Outline view. You are also able to sort the components by name and group them by type or location.

Outline View for Ant Build Files

Ant Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies View

You can view and understand the relationship between Ant resources with the help of the Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies view. This view allows you to see the hierarchy or dependencies for an Ant build file by analyzing imported or included build files.

Ant Component Dependencies View

When you edit Ant build files, it is also helpful to be aware of all the dependencies between the Ant components. The Component Dependencies view allows you to see the dependencies for a selected Ant component in a tree-like fashion.

Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies View for Ant Build Files