XML Schema Documentation

The Oxygen XML Schema documentation tool allows you to easily generate full documentation for the XML Schema content models, including comprehensive diagrams, annotations, and cross references.

Multiple Output Formats

It is possible to generate XML Schema documentation in various formats including HTML, PDF, and DocBook.

You can use the following links to see some samples of documentation generated by Oxygen for a simple XML Schema:

The documentation for the XSLT 2.0 XML Schema can be found here.

XML Schema Documenation in HTML format

For large XML Schemas, a generate documentation option is available for the HTML format that will output documentation in multiple files. The documentation includes diagrams that represent the models for the XML elements, attributes, and types.

The XML Schema Documentation Dialog

Support for Imported and Included XML Schemas

The generated documentation includes all the components defined in the imported or included schemas.

Advanced Features

By supporting DocBook output, Oxygen allows you to use the generated documentation within customized documentation workflows. A custom format can also be generated by setting an XSLT stylesheet that receives as input an XML file with a known structure defined by a schema that is included in Oxygen.

Multi-Language Support for Annotations in XML Schema Documentation

You can choose a specific language to be used in documentation generated for schemas containing annotations in multiple languages. If no language is selected, all the annotations will be generated having the xml:lang attribute set, allowing you to perform additional filtering using other tools.

Best Look and Performance

The documentation output is carefully designed with a balanced selection of colors and a neatly organized layout.

Oxygen XML Editor delivers the best performance available for generating XML schema documentation. Even for the largest XML schemas (thousands of components), Oxygen generates complete documentation within seconds.

XML Schema Documentation Examples

NewsML-G2 2.2

EventsML-G2 1.1

SportsML-G2 1.1

News Architecture G2 1.3

These items from the News Architecture G2 version 1.3 are relevant to NewsML-G2 and EventsML-G2:


aseXML is a standard developed by Australian energy industries to facilitate the exchange of information between participants of the energy industries using XML. The aseXML Standards Working Group (ASWG) is responsible for the development and maintenance of the aseXML standard.