Multi-Lingual Editing Support

Oxygen XML Editor supports a large number of languages and text encodings. For example, Unicode 4 is fully supported in both the Text and Author modes.

Bidirectional Text Support in Author Editing Mode

Oxygen is the first XML editor to offer complete support for languages that require right to left writing. This means that content authors editing documents in the OxygenAuthor mode are able to create and edit XML content in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu and other right to left languages.

To achieve this, Oxygen implements the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm, as specified by the Unicode consortium. The text arrangement is similar to what you see in an HTML browser. The final text layout is rendered according to the directional CSS properties, matching the XML elements, and the Unicode Directional Formatting codes.

Hebrew Support in oXygen XML Author
Arabic Support in oXygen XML Author

Bidirectional Text Support in Text Editing Mode

With Oxygen, you can edit the source of right-to-left XML documents. You can also change the text orientation, making the markup align to the right side of the editor.

Right to Left Support in oXygen Text mode

Support for Creating Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK) Content

The input methods for CJK text are fully supported. The editor displays the composed text in a pop-up window when the inserted characters belong to the CJK code pages. The composed text is shown in the context of the document that it belongs to, in a style that indicates that the text still needs to be converted or confirmed by the user.

This feature is available for both Author and Text editing modes.

Using Input Methods in <oXygen/>

Localized User Interface

The Oxygen user interface supports localization. Along with the English version, the base installation kit also includes German, French, Japanese, and Dutch versions as well.

oXygen XML Editor in               Japanese