JSON Tools

These features are also available in the Oxygen JSON Editor!

JSON Converter

Oxygen provides a tool for converting an XML structure to corresponding valid JSON data and another tool for converting JSON data to an XML structure. An add-on is also available that gives you the ability to convert multiple files at once.



Oxygen includes a useful and simple tool for converting JSON files to XML. The JSON to XML action opens a very simple dialog box where you specify the URL of the input JSON file and the location for the resulting XML file.


Oxygen also includes a tool for converting XML files to JSON. This type of conversion is created using a similar dialog box, but in this case, you specify the URL of an XML file for the input and it results in a converted JSON file.

Batch Conversions

An add-on is also available from Oxygen's default update site that provides the ability to convert multiple JSON files to XML or vice versa. For more information, go to: https://www.oxygenxml.com/doc/ug-editor/topics/batch-converter-addon.html.

Online Converter

A simple online tool for converting a single JSON file to XML, or vice versa, is available at: Oxygen Online XML to JSON Converter

Online JSON Converter

XSD to JSON Schema

If you want to impose restrictions on the JSON structure, while also benefiting from Oxygen's JSON editing support (such as content completion, validation, and documentation), you need to have a JSON schema attached to your JSON document. If you already have an XML Schema and you want to generate a similar JSON Schema, then you can use the XSD to JSON Schema converter tool.

XSD To JSON Schemea

Generate Sample JSON Files

Oxygen includes a tool for generating sample JSON files. The Generate Sample JSON Files action opens a dialog box where you can configure a variety of options for generating the sample files.

Generate Sample JSON Files

Generate JSON Schema form a JSON instance

If you already have a JSON instance and you want to define a JSON Schema for it, you can use the Generate JSON Schema action to generate a sample that can be used as a starting point.

Generate JSON Schema form a JSON instance

Generate JSON Schema Documentation

Oxygen includes a tool for generating detailed documentation for a JSON Schema file in HTML format. You can select which components are shown in your output and after the JSON Schema documentation is generated, it is presented in a visual diagram style with various sections, hyperlinks, and filtering options.

Generate JSON Schema Documentation

JSON Schema Documentation Examples

Generate documentation in one file

Generate documentation split by components

Generate documentation split by location