Support Testimonials

  • I want to thank you for all your support throughout my project with a client. I did a demo for the executive team today and it went very well. We were able to implement every customization the client asked for. It wouldn’t have happened without your timely and dedicated support! It’s been such a pleasure working with your software and with your support team. You are THE BEST! Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

    Chunhong Liu, Orbis Technologies
  • The oXygen support team is truly wonderful: fast, friendly, and extremely competent. They are always looking for a solution that makes our workflow easier. Their suggestions make such a great difference! Thank you!

    Brigitte Rath, University of Innsbruck
  • Thanks again for being the most supportive and responsive vendor without exception.

    Eliot Kimber, ECS
  • Thanks for the quick response! Once again, you guys rock! And so does Oxygen! If only all software developers were like you ;-)

    Tobias Fischer, Pagina
  • Thanks for listening and making the product better and more cool with every update! We LOVE the Oxygen tool suite and the Oxygen support team is the best I've ever worked with in the 20 years I've been in IT.

    Mona Strubberg, ellucian
  • I really enjoyed working with oxygen... Thank you for your fast, professional competent support.

    Oliver Trübestein, Scopevisio
  • We all in Tel Aviv want to thank you, for your willingness and support.

    Dudi Grinstein, Salesforce
  • Thanks. This is one of the quickest response for support I've ever received. Thanks guys.

    Raj Mohan, GE Energy
  • Thank you very much for your efficient technical support.

    Leontyna Bratankova, Università per Stranieri di Perugia
  • Thanks a lot for the very good customer service and kind regards.

    Diana Walther, ipoque GmbH
  • Hi & Thank You for great "to the point" personal feedback!

    Stein-Eirik Lund, USIT University of Oslo
  • Thank you very much for the fast and detailed answer. This helps a lot.

    Susi Lamberto, Elektrobit
  • Thanks for your excellent support.

    Sunil Tharoor