Oxygen License Server

Easily Manage a Large Number of Oxygen Licenses for Your Organization

Oxygen License Server

The Oxygen HTTP License Server offers organizations a way to manage multiple Oxygen licenses and provides access to statistics reports.

Who should use the license server?

  • If you use floating licenses, the license server is required.
  • If you use a large number of user-based licenses (i.e. 20 or more), it is recommended to use the license server.


Manage Multiple Licenses

The license server allows you to manage all of your organization's currently allocated licenses.

Access Statistics Reports

You have access to license server statistics pages where you can view the allocated licenses and monitor license consumption.

No Additional Charge

The use of the Oxygen License Server is available free of charge for licensed Oxygen users.

Lock a Floating License

You have the ability to reserve a license that can be used in the absence of an Internet connection.

Restrict a Named-User License

For named-user licenses, you can prevent specific users from having access to a license.

Whitelist Users

You can grant specific users permission to obtain a named-user license from your license server.

License server documentation

In the Oxygen user manual, you can read how to set-up the license server and how an Oxygen instance requests a floating license from the license server.

Note that the license key requires activation. This process is designed to help you comply with the Oxygen End User License Agreement. This means that the license key will be locked to a particular license server deployment, and the same license key cannot be used with any other license server.