XSLT Editor

The XSLT Editor in Oxygen is the favorite choice of XSLT developers everywhere. With Oxygen XSLT Editor, you can easily create, edit, test, and validate XSLT documents.
XSLT Editor

The powerful Content Completion Assistant proposes the elements, attributes, attribute values specific for XSLT, and the elements from the target document. You can configure transformation scenarios to run the XSLT you are creating. Also, Oxygen supports all W3C XSLT versions (1.0, 2.0, and 3.0).

  • Stylesheets Editing Support
    Editing XSLT stylesheets in Oxygen is facilitated by the Content Completion Assistant, the XSLT components Outline view, and the XSLT/XQuery Input document view.
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    Stylesheets Editing Support
  • Validating XSLT Stylesheets
    Oxygen offers enhanced XSLT validation abilities with the support of multiple XSLT processors, as-you-type validation, and batch validation.
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    Validating XSLT Stylesheets
  • XSLT Transformation
    With Oxygen, you benefit from ready-to-use transformation scenarios, the most common Java XSLT engines, and support for previewing transformation results.
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    XSLT Transformation
  • XSLT Search and Refactoring
    Oxygen includes a variety of search and refactoring actions that help improve the way you edit XSLT stylesheets. They offer support to reorganize your stylesheets, context-sensitive refactoring actions, rename and search actions, and more.
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    XSLT Search and Refactoring
  • XSLT Quick Fix Support
    Oxygen offers quick fixes for errors that appear during XSLT development. Using the Quick Fix support, you can resolve problems such as missing templates, misspelled template names, missing functions, or references to an undeclared variable or parameter.
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    XSLT Quick Fixes
  • Working with Modular XSL Files
    Working with Modular XSL Files
    Oxygen offers full support for working with modular XSL files, providing module editing, validation, search and refactoring actions, and a module connections overview.
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