XML Instance Generator

Oxygen XML instance generator can quickly generate a large set of XML document samples based on a given XML Schema (version 1.0 or 1.1).

Generate Sample XML Files

Configuration Management to Allow Re-Use of Your Settings

All the settings that you configure can be saved locally in a configuration file and loaded later. You can re-use the defined options at a later time, share them with others, or use them as input for the command line instance generator tool.

You can specify a variety of parameters, such as namespace prefixes, generation of optional elements and attributes, default or random values for elements, number of repetitions, choice strategy for choice and substitution group definitions. The parameters can be global, but also specific to a namespace or element, thus allowing you to fine-tune the result instances.

Generate Sample XML Files - Element Options

User-Defined Value Sets

You can have a better control of the values that appear in your generated instances by specifying a set of possible values for attributes or elements. This is also very useful in situations where it is not possible to automatically generate a valid value.

Generate Sample XML Files - Attribute Options