Oxygen WebHelp for DITA and DocBook

Oxygen offers support for transforming DITA and DocBook resources into WebHelp output. WebHelp consists of a series of HTML pages, neatly integrated into a system that offers table of contents, index navigation, text search capabilities, and various delivery formats (including feedback-enabled systems).

A WebHelp system is the result of running a transformation scenario. However, if you require an automated process that produces the WebHelp output, the same result can be obtained by running the transformation inside Oxygen XML WebHelp Plugin, which is a command-line interface application that requires its own license key.

WebHelp Devices

Single-Source Publishing

You can transform DocBook documents into three types of WebHelp systems:

  • Desktop WebHelp (using the predefined DocBook WebHelp transformation scenario)
  • Desktop WebHelp with feedback (using the predefined DocBook WebHelp with feedback transformation scenario)
  • WebHelp for mobile devices, supported over multiple platforms (using the predefined DocBook WebHelp and mobile transformation scenarios)


The WebHelp Responsive system features a very flexible layout and is designed to adapt to any device and screen size to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience. It is based upon the Bootstrap responsive front-end framework and is available for DITA document types.

WebHelp Classic for Desktop

The WebHelp Classic system is designed for desktop systems and it features a familiar tri-pane layout. You can use the system to publish DocBook documents and Oxygen includes predefined transformation scenarios to make it a single-source publishing solution. Oxygen also includes a WebHelp Skin Builder that allows you to visually customize the look and feel of your WebHelp output. To see our video demonstration of the WebHelp Skin Builder, click here.

The left and upper panes of the default layout in a WebHelp Classic system contains a table of contents, search tab, index tab, navigation links, and some options for selecting the type of frames and for printing the content.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Search Index Terms

The main pane presents the current topic and you can easily navigate through the content using the navigation arrows at the top of the pane, the table of contents, or links within the topics. A short sample of a WebHelp Classic for Desktop system is available here.

WebHelp Classic for Mobile Devices

To further improve its ability to create online documentation, Oxygen offers support to transform DocBook documents into mobile WebHelp systems. This feature generates an output that works on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile) and is specially designed for mobile devices. All the common touch screen gestures are supported. The functionality of the desktop WebHelp layout is preserved, it is organized in an intuitive layout, and offers table of contents, search capabilities, and index navigation. A short sample of a WebHelp Classic Mobile system is available here.

Browsing Content
Browsing contents
Search Index Terms
Search Index Terms

Recognizes gestures