WSDL Refactoring

Oxygen offers a wide range of actions designed to refactor/reorganize the content of WSDL documents. You can quickly find the declaration of a component, where it is referenced, and rename it using dedicated operations.

Rename WSDL Components

You are able to rename WSDL components such as messages, port types, bindings, and others. The rename operation is applied in multiple files and a preview window displays all the changes.

Search Component References and Declaration

The search is performed for any WSDL component (messages, port types, services, etc.) You can define the scope of the search, which can be the current file or all the imported files starting with the current one. Components are searched both in WSDL and in XSD documents.

Component Dependencies View

When you edit WSDL documents, it is very important to be aware of all the dependencies between the WSDL components. For this, Oxygen offers the Component Dependencies view. This is a dedicated view that displays all the dependencies of a component in a tree-like fashion.

Component Dependencies View

Highlight Component Occurrences

When you position your cursor over a component in a WSDL document, Oxygen searches for the declaration of the component and all its references and highlights them automatically.

Quick Assist Support

The Quick Assist feature improves the development work flow by offering fast access to the actions that you use most when you develop WSDL documents. The Quick Assist is activated automatically when you position the cursor over the name of a component.

Quick Assist Support