Stylesheets Editing Support

Intelligent Content Completion Assistant

The specialized Content Completion Assistant makes XSLT editing easy and intuitive, proposing context-sensitive elements, attributes, and attribute values. Each element or attribute proposal is accompanied by a textual description.

Content completion on XSLT showing target elements

Editing XPath expressions for the match, select, or test attributes is not always straight forward. The Oxygen XSLT editor makes this task easier by showing the proposed list of XPath functions in the Content Completion Assistant, documented with information from the W3C specifications.

Content Assistant on XSLT showing XPath functions

XSLT Components Outline View

Grouping components in the XSLT Outline View

XSLT Input Document View

This view displays the tree structure of the XML document set as input for the current stylesheet in the associated transformation scenario. You can create templates or other XSLT snippets by dragging the nodes from the tree into the stylesheet. The generated XPath expressions are context aware.

Drag and Drop with XML Input nodes