TEI Editing

Creating TEI Documents Based on Templates

Oxygen includes TEI DTDs, XML Catalogs, XSL stylesheets, and document templates so that you can start working with TEI documents right away. You can edit documents with the help of the context-sensitive Content Completion Assistant, easily validate the edited documents, and transform them into HTML or PDF formats. We cooperate with the TEI Consortium and we are committed to keeping the TEI support up-to-date in future Oxygen releases.


Templates provide starting points to rapidly build new documents that repeat the same basic characteristics. Oxygen includes a vast set of templates for a number of XML applications, including a set of predefined templates for TEI XML documents.

New TEI document from Templates

Specific TEI Actions

Oxygen is able to recognize the TEI documents based either on the root element name or namespace. When you switch to Author mode, the editor loads both the set of CSS files and the available actions that were associated in the TEI configuration.

The action set includes operations for emphasising text, inserting images, lists, sections, paragraphs, and working with tables.

You can also create your own operations for inserting or deleting XML document fragments.

TEI Toolbar

TEI Table Support

You can easily create tables, join or split cells, and add or remove rows.

Table Toolbar

The following is an example of a TEI table with the cursor positioned between two cells.

TEI Table

Column and Row Table Operations

You can select multiple rows and columns to easily copy or move table data by using copy/paste and drag/drop operations.

Table selection

Copy-and-Paste from Office Applications

Styled content can be inserted by copying content from Office applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice.org Writer, OpenOffice.org Calc) and Web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome), and pasting it in the TEI editor. The styles and general layout of the copied content (sections with headings, tables, list items, bold and italic text, hyperlinks, etc.) are preserved as equivalent TEI XML elements by the paste operation.

Discontinuous Selection

You can select multiple text ranges (discontinuous selections) or multiple elements in the Author mode for cut/copy/paste actions.

Discontinuous Selection