Built-in Table Support

CALS and HTML Table Support

CALS and HTML table models are supported in Oxygen. The CALS table model is a standard for representing tables in SGML and XML. The editor supports the CALS table model for DocBook and DITA. The HTML table model is a standard for arranging data into rows and columns of cells and is supported for XHTML and DocBook. The same level of support can be customized for any table model.


You can create CALS or HTML tables, join or split cells, and easily add or remove rows.

Table Toolbar

Oxygen can manage table and column width specifications from the source document in fixed, dynamic, and proportional dimensions. The table and column widths can be visually adjusted by using the mouse to drag the edges.

Adjusting Column Widths

Column and Row Table Operations

You can select multiple rows and columns to easily copy or move table data by using copy/paste and drag/drop operations.

Table selection

Table and List Sorting

The advanced sorting support in Oxygen allows you to sort the content of tables and list items. The dedicated Sort dialog box lets you sort an entire table or list, or a selection of rows or list items. You can also use the Sort dialog box to perform a sorting operation based on multiple criteria.

Table selection

Table Properties

Oxygen supports table customization by allowing you to set the properties of CALS and HTML tables (in DITA, DocBook, and XHTML documents). You can adjust properties such as alignments, separators, and table borders.

Table properties