Single-Source DocBook Publishing

Publishing DocBook to WebHelp

In addition to the standard transformation scenarios, Oxygen can convert DocBook into desktop and mobile WebHelp systems, providing a website-friendly presentation of the DocBook content and featuring a table of contents, index navigation, search capabilities, and the possibility of interacting with end users through a feedback system.
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WebHelp Devices

Publishing DocBook to PDF

Before transforming an edited XML document in Oxygen, you will define a transformation scenario to apply to that document. A scenario is a set of values for various parameters defining a transformation.

Oxygen includes predefined scenarios for DocBook (using the XSLs for FO-PDF output and stylesheets for HTML). These scenarios can be re-used for any DocBook document. If the predefined settings are not exactly what you need, you can easily modify them.

The Apache FOP is included in Oxygen and it does not require any special configuration, thus allowing you to convert DocBook into PDF just by selecting a scenario and pressing a button.

Configuring the docbook XSL/FO transformation

Publishing DocBook to EPUB

You can convert a DocBook document into a valid EPUB just by selecting the EPUB transformation scenario and pressing the Apply associated button.

Configuring the docbook XSL/FO transformation