Single-Source DITA Publishing

Oxygen includes the industry standard DITA Open Toolkit for converting from DITA maps to final output (PDF, CHM, EPUB, etc.) Oxygen also offers out-of-the-box support for generating high quality feedback-enabled or mobile-friendly WebHelp.

Integrated DITA Open Toolkit

The tools used to generate output in a multitude of formats (XHTML, PDF, HTML, JavaHelp, Eclipse Help, etc.) are ready-to-use out-of-the-box, and Oxygen includes the latest version of the DITA-OT.

Transformation Scenario for a DITA Map

Power users have the ability to fine tune transformations by using advanced options (for example, specifying parameters for the ANT build files, filtering content using a DITAVAL file or Profiling Condition Set, providing a custom build file, etc.)

DITA Map to WebHelp

In addition to the standard DITA-OT transformation scenarios, Oxygen can convert DITA Maps to desktop and mobile WebHelp systems, providing a website-friendly presentation of the DITA content featuring a table of contents, index navigation, search capabilities, and the possibility of interacting with end users through a feedback system.
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WebHelp Devices