Editor Extensibility

Extensibility and Integrations

The preconfigured document types, CSS files, DTD references, and even the actions from the toolbar and menus, can be changed to behave in a variety of ways.

If you need to visually edit documents that belong to a custom XML vocabulary, you can define a CSS file with a particular style for your XML elements, and associate it with your document. To customize the set of toolbars or menu actions available in Oxygen, you can do so by using its API. This allows you to create your own editing frameworks, similar to those that are preconfigured in Oxygen.

The following figure shows the Insert Paragraph action has been added to the DITA menu.

Extending the DITA Support

More information about the API can be found here: Development Resources.

CMS Vendors that Integrated Oxygen into Their Solutions

Many CMS vendors, Oxygen solution partners, have integrated Oxygen XML Editor into their solutions. Here is a short list:

  • Astoria
  • Componize
  • Vasont
  • SDL
For the full list please see the CMS solution partners list.

DITA Documents Storage and Access

The document repositories can be accessed through WebDAV, FTP, SFTP. Also, Oxygen supports access to native XML databases (eXist, Berkeley DB XML, MarkLogic, etc.) and relational databases (Oracle, IBM DB2). If you are accessing a different content management system, the editor can be extended by writing a Java URL protocol handler.

DITA Translation Package Builder

Oxygen offers an add-on that contributes contextual menu actions that help you build a translation package for DITA files that can be sent to translators. You can also extract the changed files back into your project once you receive the package back from the translators.