eXist Support

The support for eXist database includes multiple server connections, XQuery execution, resource management, and editing. See configuration details.

Data Source Explorer View

The Data Source Explorer view can be used to browse the database content.

Database Perspective

XQuery Execution Support

eXist supports XQuery interrogations over the stored XML content (for example, you can create an XQuery to generate a report with the billing contact data from the latest purchase notifications). You can open an XQuery document (an XQuery template is available from the File/New menu), configure the transformation scenario to match the eXist connection for the transformer field, write the XQuery, and then execute it.

eXist XQuery Support

XQuery Validation Support

You can configure eXist as main validator for XQuery files in the XQuery preferences page (Options / Preferences / XML / XSLT/FO/XQuery / XQuery). Additionally, you can set the other options. You will then benefit from the automatic validation feature and you can use the Validate button to manually check for validation errors.

WebDAV Support

Collection/resource management can also be done using WebDAV (see http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/webdav.xml#N101F3 , oxygenXML section).