Content Re-Use

Displaying Resolved DITA Content in the Editor

The XML content referenced with DITA conrefs are presented in-place as a read-only block that can be collapsed or expanded. Therefore, Oxygen shows you a picture of the entire XML document with all the XML references resolved.

DITA Conref

In this screenshot, a referenced XML element is selected. If you need to edit the content of a referenced element, you can click on the link that is positioned before it. Oxygen will open the file and place the cursor at the beginning of the referenced element.

There is an Open Map in editor with resolved topics action available on the root of the DITA map, when opened in the DITA Maps Manager. This action opens the map in the editor with all the referenced topics and maps expanded in-place, thus displaying a preview of the published result.

Support for Content References

Content referencing is a convenient DITA mechanism for content re-use from other topics or maps. You can easily insert direct references (conref) or indirect references (conkeyref) in a DITA document using the Reuse Content action (available on the toolbar and in the contextual menu). It allows you to choose the source of the reusable content and target ID of specific elements within the source.

Insert DITA Conref dialog

There is also support for inserting content references through the Conref Push mechanism. Oxygen also supports inserting direct and related links, based on cross references, file references, or Web links, and includes other helpful actions for working with content references and reusable components.

DITA Reusable Components View

Oxygen includes a DITA Reusable Components view that is very helpful if you use a large amount of keys or reusable components in your DITA project. It collects all of the keys and reusable components that are defined in the root map and presents them in a dynamic table where you can easily locate and insert references to them.

DITA Reusable Components view

It includes two tabs:

  • Keys - Displays all the keys that are defined in the root map and provides ways to easily insert references to them as cross reference links, key references, or variables.
  • Components - Displays all the topics (from the root map) that contain reusable components and provides ways to easily insert them as content references or content key references.