Profiling/Conditional Text

Oxygen offers generic conditional text support for any XML documentation framework (including DITA and DocBook). All you need to do is define the profiling attributes and their corresponding profiling values in the Profiling/Conditional Text preferences page. You can also customize your own set of profiling values and condition sets.

The profiling options can be shared with your team through a project file. There is no need for coding or editing configuration files.

In the following screenshot, a non-standard profiling condition set was created and stored in a project.

A profiling condition set for a non standard XML documentation framework

You can easily set and modify profiling attributes using the Edit Profiling Attributes contextual menu action.

Conditional Processing

In the Author editing mode, you can preview the text sections that will appear in the published output. The excluded text is grayed-out or hidden. In the following image, the visibility of the profiling attributes was turned on for clarity.

Conditional Text in a DITA topic