Oxygen XML Editor 7.2

June 6, 2006

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SVN Client

Subversion (SVN) Client   [read more...]

Oxygen XML Editor simplifies document sharing between content authors by including an Apache SubversionTM (SVN) client. The SVN client allows you to browse repositories, check for changes, commit changes, update your working copy, and examine the revision history.

Schema Support

XML Instance Generator   [read more...]

Oxygen XML instance generator can quickly generate a large set of XML document samples based on a given XML Schema (version 1.0 or 1.1).

XML Schema Regular Expressions Builder   [read more...]

The Regular Expressions Builder helps you construct and test regular expressions that are allowed in XML Schema restriction patterns.

Oxygen provides a set of regular expression patterns organized in categories, and a test area for checking the instances accepted by the expression. The Content Completion Assistant provides an additional level of support when editing in the regular expressions editor.

Flatten an XML Schema   [read more...]

Sometimes it is useful to aggregate the set of files that compose an XML Schema into a single file. The Flatten Schema refactoring action allows you to do this. The action also handles xs:redefine elements by assigning a unique name to each redefined type or group.

Rename Component Schema Refactoring Action   [read more...]

This action allows you to rename any schema component (element, type, group, named pattern, etc.) The scope can be set to the current file, all the files in project, or the set of files determined by include/import instructions starting with a specified file.

Find References and Declarations of XML Schema Components   [read more...]

You can find declarations or references of XML Schema components. The search scope can be the current file, the current project, or a group of files.

Show the Diagram of the Selected Schema Component

The action "Show only the selected component" is available in the schema diagram panel for both XML Schema and Relax NG. When enabled the diagram will show the current component that contains the cursor instead of showing the whole schema diagram. This allows to easily focus on the diagram for the current component and not to be distracted by the other schema components diagram.

Editing Actions on XML Schema and Relax NG Schema Diagrams

Editing actions are available in the contextual menu of the Full Model diagram view, allowing the addition of new elements. The attributes of the selected diagram component can be also edited in a table that is displayed on double-click.

Show Definition Action for Elements in XML Documents

The action "Show Definition" opens the schema associated to the edited XML document and moves the cursor to the definition of the selected element. The support is available for the following associated schemas: XML Schema, Relax NG and DTD.

The Content Completion Assistant on XML Schema Displays Schematron Information

To facilitate the editing of XML Schema documents that contain Schematron embedded rules the XML Schema editor offers through content completion elements and attributes allowed by the Schematron 1.5 schema.

Default Schema Association Supports NRL

The default schema association supports not NRL, thus it is possible to have an external (not inside the document) association between a document an NRL schema.

Content Completion Assistant Based on NRL Schemas

The Content Completion Assistant is able to use an NRL schema to offer proposals. This makes it possible to edit documents with complex structures that contain multiple languages defined by different schemas (for instance, XHTML with embedded XForms).

XSLT Refactoring

Extract Attribute as xsl:attribute Instruction

With this refactoring action you can select a result element from an XSLT stylesheet and replace all of its attributes with xsl:attribute instructions.

XQuery Editor

XQuery Documentation   [read more...]

Oxygen integrates the xqDoc tool to generate HTML documentation for XQuery files with just a few clicks. It accepts one or more XQuery files as input and the namespace functions are configurable.

MarkLogic SupportAvailable only in the Enterprise edition   [read more...]

The support for MarkLogic XML database includes multiple server connections, XQuery execution and debugging, resource management, and editing through WebDAV. See configuration details.

Improvements in XQuery Content Completion Assistant

More XQuery keywords are presented in the content completion list depending on the current editing context.

HTML Documentation For XML Schema

Clickable Images

The schema diagram images generated in the HTML documentation of an XML Schema contain clickable areas, linked to the definitions of the selected type or element.

Easier Navigation Between Schema Definitions

The documentation of a definition includes a "Used By" section with links to the other definitions that reference it. Navigation is possible in both directions between a schema and the included/imported ones.

CSS File

You can specify the path to a custom CSS file to be used in the generated HTML documentation.

Include Annotations of Local Elements and Attributes

Include the annotations of the elements and attributes defined locally inside global definition.

XSLT/XQuery Transformations

Configurable Extensions for Each Transformation

The Java classes and jars which can be configured as extensions for an XSLT/XQuery transformation are loaded when the transformation is performed and released when the transformation is finished. A change in an extension does not require restarting Oxygen.

Support for XSLT and XQuery Custom Engines

Custom engines for running XSLT transformations and XQuery transformations can be configured in Preferences.

XSLT Validation Using Microsoft Transformers (MSXML 4.0 and .NET)

Beside the transformation support, the stylesheets can be validated with MSXML 4.0 and .NET transformers, so you can easily check if your stylesheets are valid and compatible with Internet Explorer or other Microsoft tools.


WSDL Documentation   [read more...]

The Oxygen WSDL Documentation tool allows you to easily generate full documentation for the WSDL components in HTML format, including comprehensive annotations and cross references. You can generate a brief documentation listing the services, bindings, port types, and messages defined in the WSDL documents.

Pretty-Print Option for Preserving Text Nodes

An option for the Format and Indent action was added, allowing the preservation of the text nodes values.

XPath Expressions Allowed in Pretty-Print Lists of Elements

The "Preserve space elements" and "Strip space elements" lists in Pretty-Print preferences allow entering XPath-like expressions. The expressions must be simple node tests, with no predicates.

Use XML Catalogs When Evaluating XPath Expressions

The XML Catalogs are used when the XPath expressions are evaluated in the XPath toolbar and in the XPath Builder.

Allow Both Show Filters and Hide Filters in the Project View

The files and folders listed in the Project tree can be filtered by specifying patterns for both files which should be displayed and files which should be hidden.

Scratch Buffer

The scratch buffer editor can be used as temporary storage and as editable clipboard for copy-and-paste operations.

Policy for Encoding Errors

The policy for handling characters which cannot be represented in the declared encoding for an XML document is now configurable. You can choose to replace them with a default character, report the error or simply ignore them. By default Oxygen will report the error.

UTF-8 Encoding for Connections with the FTP Server

The built-in FTP client supports the UTF-8 encoding for communicating with the server. If the server supports UTF-8 then the client will use it.

Search Filter in the Preferences Dialog Box

A search filter is available in the Preferences dialog box for displaying only the preferences panels containing the matched words.

Dynamic Help View

The help content is available in a dockable view called Dynamic Help. This changes its content automatically to the relevant help page for the focused editor, view, or dialog box.

Configurable Background Color for Each Type of Token

The syntax highlight scheme for each type of document allows you to configure the background color for the tokens.

Component Updates

Updated Saxon8B from Saxonica to version 8.7.1

Saxon 8B XSLT processor has been updated to the latest version: 8.7.1. Oxygen supports also the Saxon8SA 8.7.1 (that requires a separate license from Saxonica).

Included XHTML 1.1 DTD and XML Schema

The DTD and XML Schema schemas for working with XHTML 1.1 documents are shipped with Oxygen.

Updated DocBook XSL stylesheets to version 1.70.1

The DocBook XSL stylesheets have been updated to the latest version: 1.70.1.