Oxygen XML Editor 6.2

September 19, 2005

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Dockable Views   [read more...]

The views inside the Oxygen window are dockable, floating and hideable. They can be dragged and docked to the margin of any other view or the margin of the main window so that they form any desired layout.

Content Completion Assistant For Element Values For Relax NG

Element values specified in the Relax NG schema are presented as content completion proposals in documents based on that schema.

Improved Content Completion Assistance When Editing Relax NG Schema

The pattern names defined in the Relax NG schema are presented as possible values for pattern references.

Documentation For XSLT Parameters

When configuring parameters for an XSLT transformation, Oxygen will automatically present the available stylesheet parameters, along with information about them, extracted from the stylesheet (default value, location, documentation, etc.) The documentation is extracted from the stylesheet and is either a comment or an element in a foreign namespace placed just before the parameter declaration. The TEI and DocBook stylesheets contain such documentation making a lot easier to understand what a parameter is intended for and to specify parameter values.

Easy Configuration of XSLT Extensions

XSLT processor extensions are added easily with an intuitive user interface.

If you need processing functions not available in the XSLT language it is easy to configure the jars containing their implementation: edit the list of XSLT extensions available in Edit Scenario dialog box.

Tree View for Presenting Node Set Values   [read more...]

The Nodes/Values Set view displays XSLT node set values in a tree-like fashion. It is used in conjunction with the used in relation with the Variables view and XWatch view. This view is useful for debugging stylesheets that keep intermediary results in variables, such as DocBook.

Capture Multiple Outputs In The XSLT 2.0 Debugger

While executing XSLT 2.0 stylesheets the debugger will capture the output of xsl:result-document and will display it in a view inside Oxygen.

Results of Multiple XPath Queries Available In Different Views

The results of different XPath queries performed on the same document are presented in different views for accessing and comparing them easily.

XPath 2.0 Enabled Schematron Support

The XPath version supported when using Schematron is configurable, both XPath 1.0 and XPath 2.0 are supported.

Incremental Search

The find/replace component was enhanced to support incremental searches of text patterns: the dialog box will find matching occurrences while you are typing in the Text to find field.

Context-Sensitive Help

The help system is context sensitive: press F1 in any dialog box to quickly access the relevant help section of the User Manual.

UDDI Registry Browser

Browse a UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and Integration) registry and select the WSDL descriptor of a Web Service.

XML Refactoring - Rename Prefix

The rename prefix action offers the possibility of renaming the prefix associated with the namespace of the current element. The action ca be performed only in the current element or in all the document.

Specify The Editor For Opening A Document

If the type of a document included in the current project is not associated with an editor or other editor than the default is needed for editing that document, an editor can be selected with the action Open as available in the Project view.

Integrated The Xerces XML Parser Version 2.7.1

The latest version of the Xerces XML parser from the Apache Software Foundation was integrated into Oxygen.

Integrated The Saxon 8.5.1 Processor For XSLT/XPath 2.0

Both the basic and the Schema Aware versions of the latest Saxon 8 XSLT/XPath 2.0 processor from Saxonica Limited (www.saxonica.com) are supported by Oxygen. The basic version is also shipped with Oxygen.

Spell Check as You Type

It was added the option to spell check the edited text on the fly enabling instant view of spelling errors as they are introduced.