Oxygen XML Editor 2.0.3

August 14, 2003

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Availability as Eclipse Plugin

Most of the features available in the desktop version are now also accessible to Eclipse users. Oxygen for Eclipse was tested with Eclipse 2.1 and Eclipse 3.0 M1 and M2 on Windows 2000/XP, Linux Mandrake 8 with Motif and Mac OS X.

Batch Validation

The files from the whole project or from a project folder can be validated with a single button click. This together with the virtual folder support of the project allows you to group your files and validate them very easily.

Validate with XML Schema While Allowing External Entities

There are documents that although reference a schema they also contain a DTD declaration mainly for allowing the definition of external entities. Oxygen allows you to configure the validation to be performed against the specified XML Schema even if a DTD is also specified.

Improved the Support for Relax NG

Relax NG schemas can be associated with a document instance using a processing instruction. XML documents can be validated with Relax NG schemas in compact syntax. Relax NG schema editing in compact syntax features syntax coloring.

Content Completion Assistant on Request for Entities

The Content Completion Assistant can be invoked on demand for the available entities.

Syntax Coloring Enhancements

The syntax coloring for DTD documents was enhanced. A syntax coloring scheme for Relax NG Compact schema was introduced.

Perl 5-like Regular Expression Groups Support in Search/Replace

The replace operation can bind regexp group variables ($1, $2, etc.) from the search match and you can use them in the replace expression.

Configurable Menu Shortcut Keys

You can change the key bindings for the actions to match your preferences.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The user can cycle through the current opened documents with CTRL+TAB and SHIFT+CTRL+TAB. Also VIM fans can use shortcuts such as CTRL+DELETE and CTRL+BACKSPACE.

Configurable Selection Colors

The user can configure the foreground and background colors of selected text.