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Oxygen XML Editor 12.2

May 19, 2011

Related version: 12.0     12.1    

XML Schema

XML Schema Editing in Context

Along with in context validation support provided by validation scenarios, it is also possible to edit XML Schema modules in context-aware mode. Oxygen XML Editor will automatically determine the main XML Schema document from the associated validation scenario and will use it to display the available components in the Outline view and in the content completion proposals list.

Palette View   [read more...]

The Palette view further enhances the usability of the XML Schema diagram editor by allowing you to drag components from this helper view and drop them into the Design editing mode.

Diagram Navigation

The navigation in the XML Schema diagram was improved by supporting intelligent keyboard navigation. This allows you to move easily from one diagram component to another without needing to switch between keyboard and mouse.

Diagrams Saved as SVG

XML Schema diagrams can be saved as SVG images. Also, schema documentation can be configured to generate SVG images for included diagrams.

Multi-Language Support for Annotations in XML Schema Documentation   [read more...]

You can choose a specific language to be used in documentation generated for schemas containing annotations in multiple languages. If no language is selected, all the annotations will be generated having the xml:lang attribute set, allowing you to perform additional filtering using other tools.

Option for Saxon-EE as Default XML Schema Validation Engine

Saxon 9 EE can be set as default engine for XML Schema validation.


XSLT Editing in Context

Along with in-context validation support provided by validation scenarios, it is also possible to edit XSLT modules in context-aware mode. Oxygen will automatically determine the main XSLT document from the associated validation scenario and will use it to display the available components in the Outline view and in the content completion proposals list.

XPath Expressions for Parameter Values

The XSLT transformations can take parameters that are XPath expressions. This makes it possible to pass a typed value, a document or elements inside a document as parameter values. This option is available only when the XSLT processor is Saxon 9 HE, PE, EE or XSLTProc.

XQuery and XPath

XPath Expressions for Parameter Values

It is possible to specify XQuery transformation parameter values using XPath expressions. This makes possible to pass as a parameter value a typed value, a document or elements from an external document. This option is available when the XQuery processor is Saxon 9 HE, PE or EE.

Syntax Highlighting in XPath Builder

XPath expressions edited in XPath Builder view are presented using syntax highlighting.


Support XML Model Processing Instruction for Schema Association

In order to have an in-document schema association for schemas other than XML Schema and DTD Oxygen provided a product specific processing instruction. As W3C created a Working Group Note document that specifies how a schema can be associated with an XML document using the xml-model processing instruction this schema association support was updated to use this PI. The old Oxygen specific PI is still supported for compatibility.

Validation Scenarios at Document Type Level

When you configure support for a Document Type you can specify a set of validation scenarios and mark one as default. This allows powerful control over the validation that is performed for a specific type of documents. For example, this can be used to always add Schematron checks in addition to the default validation.

Redesigned Validation Scenarios Dialog Box

The validation scenario configuration dialog box was redesigned to allow easier selection of the Document Type contributed scenarios and at the same time simplifying the layout and scenario selection process.


Open a Specified File After XProc Transformations

The XProc transformation scenarios allow configuring a specified file to be opened at the end of the transformation. This is useful when the output file is not generated directly. For example, when an XProc transformation generates PDF output.

Ant Transformation Scenarios

Ant transformation is available as a new type of transformation scenario. This allows invoking an Ant script target as a transformation scenario, similar with applying an XSLT or XQuery transformation.

Archive Support

Find/Replace in Files Works on Archived Files

A new option in the Find/Replace in Files dialog box allows searching in files within archives. The Find/Replace in Files action can be triggered also on a set of selected archived files from the Archive Browser view.

Drag-and-Drop Editing

It is possible to organize the content of an archive (moving, copying files) in the Archive Browser view using drag-and-drop operations.

Opened Archives History

The Archive Browser view keeps a persistent history of the last opened archives so you can quickly reopen an archive.

In-Place Rename

The files and folders presented in the Archive Browser view can be easily renamed in-place.


All the improvements related to archives support apply also to EPUB documents.

EpubCheck Integration

The EpubCheck validation engine has been integrated in Oxygen. You can validate EPUB files from the Project view or, if you open the EPUB file, from within the Archive view. By clicking an error, its location is highlighted in the corresponding file. As a result of integrating EpubCheck into Oxygen we were happy to contribute a number of enhancements back to the EpubCheck project. These include improved error messages, fixes and updated libraries.

Built-in Validation and Editing for NCX, OCF, and OPF Documents

Oxygen includes default frameworks that offer content completion assistance and validation support for several types of files contained in EPUB documents.

Publishing to EPUB

Predefined transformation scenarios allow you to transform DITA and DocBook documents to EPUB.

Author and Frameworks

Change Tracking State Stored in Document

The initial change tracking state can be configured to be always on, always off or stored in the document. When the option indicates that the change tracking state should be stored in the document that is saved as a processing instruction at the end of the XML document.

Improved Paste Support

The intelligent paste benefits from a new recovery strategy that automatically removes invalid wrapper elements.

Insert Row in Tables Keeps the Current Row Structure

The Insert Row action available in the DITA, DocBook, TEI and XHTML built-in frameworks inserts a row with a structure that is as close as possible to that of the row at the current cursor position.

Intelligent ID Management

For DITA, DocBook, TEI and XHTML documents the ID support was enhanced to automatically remove ID attributes if content is copied in the same document, thus avoiding duplicate IDs. If the content is moved then the IDs are preserved.

Enhanced DITA Validation

A default validation scenario which uses Schematron rules to check for error cases that are not covered by the DITA DTDs was added to the DITA Document Type.


Oxygen provides a built-in transformation scenario for converting from a DITA Map to EPUB.

DocBook to EPUB

Oxygen provides a built-in transformation scenario for converting from DocBook to EPUB.

DocBook to WebHelp Conversion

Oxygen provides a built-in experimental transformation scenario for converting from DocBook to WebHelp.

Extended API

Notifications on Editor About to be Opened/Closed

New callbacks are available in the WSEditorChangeListener that allows you to reject the close operation for an opened editor or the open operation for a certain editor URL. These callbacks can be used, for example, from the plugin implementation to show a confirmation dialog box to the user.

Notifications on Editor Activation/Deactivation

New callbacks are available in WSEditorChangeListener in order to know when the selected editor also has the keyboard focus. For example, you can know if the user is editing in the selected DITA Maps Manager editor or in the selected editor from the main editor area.

Provide Metadata for DITA Topic References Presented in the DITA Maps Manager

In order to present titles and additional information for the topic references, the DITA Maps Manager has to parse each individually referenced topic. If the DITA Map is opened from a CMS that already contains metadata for each referenced topic, you can speed up the process that computes information about references by providing information about each topic reference through the API.

Contribute Multiple Views and Toolbars from a Workspace Access Plugin

You can contribute multiple views and toolbars to Oxygen from a WorkspaceAccessPluginExtension by specifying place holders for them in the plugin descriptor plugin.xml file.

Add/Change Attribute Operation

A new operation is available in the set of common Author operation (ChangeAttributeOperation) to allow adding/modifying/removing an attribute. You can use this operation in your own Author action to modify the value for a certain attribute on a specific XML element.

SVN Client

Redesigned Repositories View

The Repositories view was redesigned to display repository resources in a file system fashion, allowing easier access to Apache SubversionTM relevant information, such as author name, commit date, revision number, and resource size.

Repositories View Workflow Improvements

The contextual menu was reorganized to provide easier access to repository operations. Also, switching to the History view will automatically display the history log of the currently selected resource.

Optimized Repository Access

Information that was acquired from the repository is re-used in some cases, leading to reduced network traffic and faster execution times.

Other Features

In-Place Rename in Project View

The files and folders presented in the Project view can be easily renamed in-place.

JWS Parameters

When Oxygen XML Editor is launched through Java Web Start it is possible to pass parameters in the JNLP descriptor. These can be URLs that will be opened by Oxygen after startup or system properties that will be set when Oxygen starts.

Syntax Highlighting for the Output of External Tools

External tools configuration contains an entry specifying the content type of the external tool output. Oxygen displays the output by using the syntax highlighting associated with the content type.

Component Updates

Updated DITA Open Toolkit

The DITA Open Toolkit was updated to version 1.5.2.

Updated TEI Schemas and Stylesheets

The TEI schemas were updated to version 1.9.1 and the XSLT stylesheets to version 5.50.

DITA 4 Publishers

The DITA 4 Publishers EPUB plugin 0.9.16 is included in Oxygen.


The latest version of EpubCheck, version 1.2 is included in Oxygen.

Updated Saxon 9

The Saxon 9 XSLT, XQuery and XML Schema processor from Saxonica was updated to version

Updated Calabash XProc Connector

Calabash XProc connector was updated to include Calabash version 0.9.32.

Updated Support for xDB

The XML databases support was updated to work with xDB version 10.

Updated Ant

The Ant tool that ships with Oxygen was updated to version 1.8.2.