Oxygen XML Editor 12.1

January 12, 2011

Related versions: 12.0     12.2    


Smart Paste (Automatic Conversion to DITA, DocBook, TEI, etc.)

Styled content can be inserted by copying content from Office applications (for example, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice.org Writer, and OpenOffice.org Calc) and Web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.) and pasting it in the Author editing mode. The styles and general layout of the copied content (sections with headings, tables, list items, bold and italic text, hyperlinks, etc.) are converted in the target document equivalent XML elements. Oxygen provides default implementations for the following document types: DITA, DocBook, TEI, XHTML but this support can be configured also for user-defined document types.

Automatic Refresh of Included Content

The content referenced by xi:include elements and conref attributes is refreshed automatically when it is modified and saved in another editor panel.

Manage Tracked Changes at Word Level

You can accept or reject tracked changes either entirely or only fragments of them.

Different Visualization Modes of Documents Containing Tracked Changes

New visualization modes allow you to preview documents as if all their tracked changes were accepted or rejected.

Content Completion Assistant Supports Custom Actions

You can customize the content of the Content Completion Assistant window, Elements view, Element Insert menus, and Entities view, by adding items (which, when invoked, perform custom actions) or by filtering the default contributed ones.

Support for Auto Margins

The CSS properties margin-left:auto and margin-right:auto are now supported.

New CSS Extension Functions

New CSS extension functions were added to improve string operations (substring, indexof, and lastindexof) and to provide XPath evaluation support (xpath).


Improved WebHelp Output

Oxygen provides support for converting DITA to WebHelp featuring a table of contents, index navigation and text search capabilities. The new version improves the search functionality to provide more accurate results and each hit contains a relevance indicator.

Paste from HTML or Office Documents as DITA

The smart paste support was implemented for DITA to allow easy creation of DITA content by just pasting it from office applications or from a web browser.

Improved Support for MathML in DITA

A sample DITA MathML domain specialization is available as a document template which allows editing MathML embedded in DITA content. You can publish DITA with MathML content into PDF format by using a built-in transformation scenario.


Paste from HTML or Office Documents as DocBook

The smart paste support was implemented for DocBook to allow easy creation of DocBook content by just pasting it from office applications or from a web browser.


Paste from HTML or Office Documents as TEI

The smart paste support was implemented for TEI to allow easy creation of TEI content by just pasting it from office applications or from a web browser.

XSLT and XQuery Debuggers

XSLT 2.0 and XQuery Types in Variables and the XWatch Views

The actual types of the evaluated variables and expressions from the Variables and the XWatch views are displayed. Sequences are presented in a compact form, specifying the type and the number of items while the complete sequence content is available in a synchronized node set/sequence content view.

Enhanced XSLT Context Information

The XSLT Context view shows information from the dynamic context (the context item inside the sequence of items currently being processed, the current position and the context size). In general, the context item is the current node from the source that is processed by the stylesheet and the current sequence is determined by the xsl:apply-templates or xsl:for-each select expressions.

XML Development

Quick Assist

The Quick Assist feature was designed to improve the development workflow by offering quicker access to the most commonly used actions during development of XML Schemas, Relax NG schemas and XSL stylesheets.

Working Sets for Defining the Scope of Search and Refactoring Actions

The search and refactory actions require a scope that specifies what resources should be searched or modified. This scope can now be defined more easily with the addition of the working set concepts.

Easy Identification of Relax NG Pattern References

All the occurrences of a Relax NG pattern are highlighted in the text when you place the cursor inside the pattern name. The occurrences bar from the right side of the editor displays a summary of the pattern references in the Relax NG schema. The pattern declaration is rendered with a darker color to make it easier to spot.

Regexp-Aware Content Completion Assistant in the Find/Replace Dialog Box

A Content Completion Assistant window is available to help you edit regular expressions in the Find/Replace dialog box.

Syncro SVN Client

Support for --ignore-externals Option

You can choose to ignore "svn:externals" definitions when exporting or checking out from repository or when updating resources in the working copy.

Working Copy Workflow Improvements

All Working Copy view modes contextual menus have the same content and structure. They are dynamically built and display only the actions which can be applied for the selected resources.

Working Copy Information Improvements

Information about the resources file type is presented in the Working Copy area in a new column, which allows you to sort the resources according to the file extension. The external and switched resources are marked consistently in all working copy presentation modes. Resources in a real conflict state are marked differently than those in pseudo-conflict state for an easier identification.

Improved Status Bar Information

The application status bar displays graphical hints corresponding to different working copy options. For example, you can determine if the ignored/deleted resources are being presented or not in the working copy or if the externals definitions are processed.

Improved Diff Editor and Integrated Diff Tool

All compare algorithms were improved, they use less memory and need a shorter amount of time to perform compare operations. The Diff Editor displays the names of the last authors who committed the compared files.

Component Updates

SVNKit library was updated to version 1.3.3, which contains various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Oxygen XML Diff

Improved Compare Algorithms

All compare algorithms were improved. They use less memory, so you can compare larger files. Also, the accuracy of XML Fast algorithm was increased.

Diff Algorithm Strength

A diff algorithm now has several levels of strength. A high strength setting increases the chance to obtain all the differences between the compared resources, but consumes more memory. A low strength level allows you to obtain partial comparison results, even if the number of differences between the files is larger. This setting is available in the Options page.

Filter Pairs of Identical Files

"Show Only Modifications" action omits the identical files and directories from the Diff Directories list. This reduces the clutter and allows you to spot differences with ease.

Status Bar in Diff Directories Window

The status bar displays the number of differences, the diff algorithm and the current status of the diff operation.

Flow of Differences in Diff Directories Window

You can navigate through the list of modifications, even across different files. When the Diff Files tool is started from the Diff Directories, the Go to Next Modification action allows you to navigate beyond the last modification from the currently compared files and into the next pair of different files.

Extended API

The Author API was updated with a number of new capabilities. The new SDK containing the updated API is available from the main developers page: http://www.oxygenxml.com/developer.html. For a list summarizing the API additions please see http://www.oxygenxml.com/latest-api-changes.html.

Set Title of Editor Tab

An editor panel can have a custom title set through an Author extension or a standalone plugin.

Rename Element

The name of an XML element can be changed in an Author extension with a simple Author API call.

Get Current Context Data

The context of the current document position is available through a new method call added to Author API. The context provides schema-related data about the elements and attributes allowed at the current cursor position.

Filter Breadcrumb Nodes

An Author extension may decide to exclude some nodes in the list that is displayed on the top of Author mode.

Persistent Options

A standalone plugin can save user options to the application preferences using the getOptionsStorage method of PluginWorkspace interface.

CustomProtocolPlugin Has Access to Workspace

A CustomProtocolPlugin received a StandalonePluginWorkspace parameter which enables it to access many components from the Oxygen workspace.

Delete Nodes Actions Have a New Callback Method

A new callback method signals when nodes are deleted in Author mode.

Access to New Resolver Methods

Two new methods allow you to get access to URIResolver and EntityResolver objects constructed from the Oxygen current catalogs.

Access to AuthorSchemaAwareEditingHandler

The Author extensions now have access to an AuthorSchemaAwareEditingHandler instance for handing events generated by the schema-aware editing mode.

Improved Editor State Change Listener

A new method was added in the WSEditorChangeListener to signal when an editor is about to be opened.

Component Updates

Updated Saxon 9 Processor

The Saxon 9 XSLT, XQuery and XML Schema processor was updated to the latest version Oxygen includes Saxon 9 EE (Enterprise Edition) offering access to all Saxon capabilities including XSLT 2.0 Schema Aware and experimental support for XML Schema 1.1.

Updated Calabash XProc Connector

Calabash XProc connector was updated to include Calabash version 0.9.30. Please note that this version of Calabash requires Java 1.6 or later.

Updated DITA Open Toolkit

The DITA Open Toolkit was updated to version 1.5.2 M5.

Updates DocBook XSL Stylesheets

The DocBook transformation stylesheets were updated to DocBook XSL 1.76.1.

Updated TEI Framework

TEI P5 schemas were updated to version 1.8.0. The TEI XSL stylesheets were updated to version 5.45.

Updated XForms Schema

The XForms schema was updated to version 1.1. A new document template is available to allow easy creation of XHTML with embedded XForms using an updated NVDL script that dispatches the XHTML and the XForms content each to the corresponding schema for validation.