Oxygen XML Editor 10.0

October 23, 2008

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Saxon-SA Processor

Oxygen previously provided support for some of the Saxon-SA features but that required a separate license and installation. Oxygen now provides a better integration of Saxon-SA that comes installed and ready to use in all Oxygen editions.

Oxygen Bundles Saxon-SA

The latest version ( of the commercial Schema Aware Saxon-SA processor from Saxonica comes bundled in all Oxygen editions. You have access from within Oxygen without any additional cost to advanced features such as Schema Aware XSLT 2.0 and XQuery. The XML Schema information improves the error reporting and increases the performance due to better optimizations of the XSLT and XQuery code.

Schema-Aware XSLT 2.0 and XQuery Debugging

Schema-aware stylesheets and XQuery code can be debugged using the powerful Oxygen XML debugger. You can use schema-aware XPath 2.0 to set conditional breakpoints or to evaluate expressions in the current execution context. You can also easily spot performance issues taking advantage of the integrated XSLT and XQuery profiler.

Schema-Aware XPath 2.0 Execution

The XPath query tool bar and XPath Builder view were also updated to support XPath 2.0 schema-aware queries.

Saxon-SA XML Schema Processor

You can use the Saxon-SA schema processor to validate your XML Schema files and to validate XML documents against XML Schemas. As Saxon implements some of the XML Schema 1.1 features, you can experiment with working with additions in XML Schema 1.1 (assertions, conditional type assignment, etc.)

XML Instance Generator Improvements

User-Defined Value Sets   [read more...]

You can have a better control of the values that appear in your generated instances by specifying a set of possible values for attributes or elements. This is also very useful in situations where it is not possible to automatically generate a valid value.

Configuration Management to Allow Re-Use of Your Settings   [read more...]

All the settings that you configure can be saved locally in a configuration file and loaded later. You can re-use the defined options at a later time, share them with others, or use them as input for the command line instance generator tool.

Content Completion Assistant Improvements

Completion Proposals from Included or Imported XML Schema Schemas

The Content Completion Assistant displays the global types, elements, attributes or groups defined in the included or imported XML Schemas together with the ones defined in the current schema. This helps to make references to components defined in other schema documents.

Completion Proposals from Included or Imported XSLT Stylesheets

The Content Completion Assistant displays the template modes or names, variables, parameters, etc., defined in the included or imported XSLT stylesheets together with the ones defined in the currently edited XSLT stylesheet.

Improvements in the Author Mode

Resolve DITA Content References Through XML Catalogs

The DITA content references are passed trough the current XML Catalogs thus you can put references to remote resources and map them to local copies through the XML Catalogs.

The CSS url() Function

The url() function now accepts multiple arguments. This provides more flexibility in defining links in the Author mode.

Updated Database Connectors

Support for MarkLogic 4.0

The Mark Logic database support including the XQuery debugger was updated to work with MarkLogic 4.0.

Support for Oracle 11g R1

The Oracle database support was updated to work with Oracle 11g R1.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008

The SQL Server database support was updated to work with SQL Server 2008.

Support for IBM DB2 9.5

The DB2 database support was updated to work with DB2 9.5 (Viper 2).

Support for EMC XHive 8

The XHive database support was updated to work with XHive 8.

Intel(R) XML Software Suite

XPath Integration

When you install the Intel XML Software Suite in Oxygen you can choose to have all the XPath 1.0 queries from the XPath query tool bar or from the XPath Builder view of the XML editor evaluated using the Intel XML Software Suite XPath engine.

Validation Against DTDs

You can use the Intel XML Software Suite for performing XML document validations against DTDs.

Updated Processors

Updated the Saxon-B 9 XSLT / XQuery Processor

The Saxon-B 9 XSLT and XQuery processor was updated to the latest version:

Updated the Saxon.NET XSLT Processor Support

The Saxon.NET XSLT processor support was updated to the latest version:

Updated the Apache FOP Processor

The Apache FOP processor was updated to the latest version: 0.95.

Updated the LIBXML and LIBXSLT Processors

The LIBXML processor was updated to version 2.6.32. The LIBXSLT processor was updated to version 1.1.23.

Updated the XSV Validator

The XSV validator was updated to version 3.1-1.

Updated the XSLT Validator and Transformer Based on the .NET Framework

The nxslt processor which validates and transforms XSLT stylesheets based on the .NET framework was updated for .NET 2.0. This version improves the error reporting and supports XHTML output mode, XSLT 2.0 character maps and XInclude references. Both .NET 1.0 and .NET 2.0 are supported.

Framework Updates

Updated the DocBook XSL Stylesheets

The DocBook XSL stylesheets were updated to the version 1.74.0.

Updated the TEI Framework

The TEI P5 schemas were updated to the version 1.1.0. The TEI P4 stylesheets and TEI P5 stylesheets were updated to the version 5.12.

SVN Client

The SVN Client has been updated to support SVN 1.5 working copies and repositories.

Merge Tracking

Starting with SVN 1.5 the revision at which a branch is merged is remembered. This is useful for the next merge operation when only the changes committed to the branch after the previous merge operation are considered.

Sparse Checkout

Sometimes not all the files and subdirectories of a repository are needed in a working copy. In these cases only the needed subdirectories and files can be checked out from the repository by selecting one of the following checkout depths for a directory: recursive, immediate children, file children only, this folder only.

Update to Revision

The action "Update to revision" is available in the Working Copy view. It allows updating the resources selected in the working copy to a specified revision from the repository. The depth of the update operation on the folders can be selected from the values allowed by SVN 1.5 sparse checkout.

Improved Merging Support

A merge wizard was added to perform complex merge operations easier. Three types of merging are available: merge revision ranges, reintegrate a branch and merge two different trees. Advanced merge options can also be set.

Improved Open with Action

The Open with action works on multiple file selection and is available in the Working Copy view, Synchronize view, and Repository view.

Other improvements

Scenarios View

A side view of Oxygen XML Editor is available listing all the defined transformation scenarios. This allows to quickly invoke a series of scenarios and also to easily manage the scenarios, adding new scenarios, deleting or editing existing ones.

Output Message Format for External Processors

This allows a closer integration of external processors (external XML validators or external XSLT processors). If the processor output follows the format documented in the Oxygen XML Editor User Manual then that processor messages will be presented similar with the built-in processor messages For example, it is possible to have location information and to just click on a message to open the file it references, and highlight a specified line and column.

Save Results as XML

it is now possible to process the results you get in Oxygen in an XML form, as documented in the Oxygen User Manual.