Visual DocBook Editor

With Oxygen, you can edit Docbook 4 and Docbook 5 documents (including 5.1) in a user-friendly and productive manner. The publishing tool includes transformation scenarios for producing WebHelp, EPUB, PDF, or plain HTML.
  • Content Re-Use and Profiling
    The ability to re-use the same content in multiple documents and to apply conditional profiling are important features for content authors. Oxygen also allows you to create XInclude content references and define profiling condition sets.
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    Content Reuse and Profiling
  • Single Source DocBook Publishing
    Single-Source DocBook Publishing
    With Oxygen, you can transform your DocBook documents into multiple common formats (HTML, EPUB, PDF), or even into a feedback-enabled or mobile-friendly WebHelp system. Writing and publishing documents in DocBook is now a simple task.
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