WSDL (Web Services Description Language)

Oxygen offers a WSDL Editor that supports both editing and online testing. You can use a wide range of searching and refactoring actions and a powerful WSDL documentation tool integrated with XML Schema documentation.
  • WSDL Editor
    The WSDL editor provides support to check whether a WSDL document is valid, a specialized Content Completion Assistant, a component-oriented Outline view, and searching and refactoring operations.
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  • WSDL Refactoring
    Oxygen offers a wide range of actions designed to refactor/reorganize the content of WSDL documents. You can quickly find the declaration of a component, where it is referenced, and rename it using dedicated operations.
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  • WSDL SOAP Analyzer
    After defining the descriptor, you can verify whether the defined messages are accepted by the Web Services server. Oxygen provides two ways of testing, one for the currently edited WSDL file and another for the remote WSDL files that are published on a web server.
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  • WSDL Documentation
    The Oxygen WSDL Documentation tool allows you to easily generate full documentation for the WSDL components in HTML format, including comprehensive annotations and cross references. You can generate a brief documentation listing the services, bindings, port types, and messages defined in the WSDL documents.
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