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What's New in Oxygen XML Developer 19.1

September 29, 2017

Related version: 19.0    

Version 19.1 of the oXygen XML Developer brings you a variety of new features and improvements that focus on productivity, performance, and efficiency.

This maintenance release includes numerous productivity improvements for XSLT, XQuery, and Schematron development, as well as XInclude 1.1 support. As usual, this version also contains numerous new API and component updates.

There are changes in:


Better Completion Assistance for Values in the Attributes View and In-place Attributes Editor

When editing DITA href, conref or conkeyref attributes, both the in-place Attributes editor dialog and the Attributes view will show proposals of target file names and IDs depending on the value written so far. Also when inserting multiple values for a profiling attribute you can press the CTRL+SPACE shortcut to choose from a list of profiling attribute values.

Float Images in PDF and XHTML Output

You now have the possibility of floating images to the left or right side of your DITA topics in PDF and XHTML output.
Float Images in PDF and XHTML Output

Editor Variables for DITA Root Maps

Some new editor variables were added that expand to a path or URL for DITA root maps. Specifically, ${rootMapFile} and ${rootMapDir} expand to the file path of the current root map and current root map's parent directory, respectively. Similarly, ${rootMapURL} and ${rootMapDirURL} expand to the URL of the current root map and current root map's parent directory, respectively.


Oxygen PDF Chemistry

Our new product called Oxygen PDF Chemistry allows you to obtain PDF output from HTML or XML documents simply by styling them with CSS. It comes bundled with the standard distributions of Oxygen and is a CSS Paged Media processor based on the open-source Apache FOP XSL-FO engine. Its main purpose is to provide you with a simple tool that allows you to leverage your CSS knowledge to create printable deliverables. It is particularly a great processor for generating technical documentation.
Oxygen PDF Chemistry

Comparison Tools

3-Way Directory Comparison Improvements

When performing three-way comparisons on directories, you now have the option to automatically open all the files that are modified by the merge operation after the operation is finished.

New Editing Features in File Comparison Tool

When XML files are opened in the file comparison tool, its Text mode now includes many of the usual editing features that are present in the Text mode in Oxygen (such as content completion, the ability to rename elements, to highlight matching tags, and more).

Content Completion

Configure Content Completion Proposals to Insert Attribute Values

When using our special XML configuration file to define custom constraints for elements or attributes that are proposed in the Content Completion Assistant, you can now use a new attribute called insertAttribute to not only insert a specified attribute but also its value, when the user selects that proposal from the content completion list.


CSS Paged Media Expressions Can be Formatted

You now have the ability to format and indent (pretty-print) CSS page (@page) and media (@media) expressions.

XSLT Improvements

XSLT 3.0 Text Value Templates

Added support for Text Value Templates when using XSLT 3.0, including support for content completion to present the variables and parameters from the current context, and syntax highlights.

XSLT 3.0 Initial Template

Added support to initiate the XSLT 3.0 initial-template mechanism. When a transformation scenario is executes, it automatically detects the initial templates from the stylesheet.

XSLT 3.0 Shadow Attributes

Added support for XSLT 3.0 shadow attributes, including content completion and documentation of original attributes.

XPath 3.1

Added support for XPath 3.1 features, including syntax highlighting for maps and arrays, as well as other syntax-specific XPath operators.

Add Documentation for Missing Parameters

Added automatic completion support for adding missing parameters in documentation functions and templates.

XQuery Improvements

XQuery 3.1 Syntax Hightlights Improvements

Oxygen now supports XML as an input value in an XQuery 3.1 map and the String Constructor is also now supported.
XQuery 3.1 Syntax Hightlights Improvements

XQuery 3.1 Pretty Print

Pretty Print (format and indent) is now supported in XQuery 3.1 files.


Content Completion and Refactoring Support for Property IDs

When editing Schematron, you now have the ability to use content completion and refactoring actions for property IDs.

XInclude 1.1 Support

XInclude 1.1 Fragment Identifiers

When editing and publishing from within Oxygen, xi:include 1.1 fragment identifiers (@fragid) are now supported.

XInclude 1.1 Attributes Copying

To facilitate attempts to resolve XInclude validity errors, Oxygen now supports attribute copying when validating and publishing XML content from within the application.

Validation Errors

We performed some changes to the application UI regarding the reporting of validation errors. The result was a simplification of the UI, with less clutter.

The link to the W3C Specification and the link to the Main Schema file were removed

The W3C Schema specification is very hard to read and understand by the typical user. The link to the specification was removed from the error details in all places where the error is displayed. The link to the main schema file presented in the Message dialog was also removed.
Validation errors

Cleaned up the validation error message

The cryptic codes reported by the validation engine in the error message (like cvc-complex-type.2.4.a) were removed, resulting in more space for showing the effective error message.
Error message


Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra)

Oxygen has been tested and supports the latest Mac operating system: OS X High Sierra (10.13).

New Convert Attribute to Element Refactoring Operation

A new refactoring operation was added that allows you to quickly convert attributes to elements.

New External Transformer Plugin for Saxon 9.8

Streaming large documents is now possible with the Saxon 9.8 external transformer which can be installed as an add-on. The Saxon 9.7 version of the external plugin also has the ability to stream documents.

Accessibility Improvements

Improved section 508 compliance accessibility features to make Oxygen more accessible to users with visual disabilities.

Search for Opened Files

A new Switch Editor Tab action opens a dialog box that allows you to find and switch to a particular opened editor tab.

Convert JSON Files to XML

Oxygen now includes a useful and simple tool for converting a JSON document to XML (available in the Tools menu).
Convert JSON Files to XML

Attribute Editing Improvements

When using the Attributes view in both the Text and Author editing modes (and the in-place attributes editor in Author mode), you can now use Ctrl-Space in the Value field to show a list of possible choices and to compose compound values (such as profiling attribute values) from multiple simple values.


DITA Topic Type Conversion and Duplicate Actions are Available in Action Provider API

The DITA topic type conversion and Duplicate actions are now available in the DITAMapActionsProvider API.

Listener for when Editor is Closed

A new WSEditorListener.editorAboutToBeClosedVeto(URL) method was added. It is called when an editor is about to be closed, allowing you to decide whether or not the closing operations should proceed.

Pop-up Menu Customizer

A new MenusAndToolbarsContributorCustomizer.customizeEditorTabPopUpMenu(JPopupMenu, WSEditor) API method was added. It allows you to customize the menu shown when right-clicking the editor tabs from both the main editing area and the DITA Maps Manager.

Get Encoding of the Current Editor

A new WSEditorBase.getEncodingForSerialization() API method was added and it can be used to get the encoding of the current editor.

Customize DITA Maps Manager Icons

The existing DITAMapNodeRendererCustomizer API now offers the possibility of customizing the icons that are displayed in the DITA Maps Manager.

Access Oxygen's Proxy Settings

A new StandalonePluginWorkspace.getProxyDetailsProvider API was added and it allows a plugin to access Oxygen's HTTP(S) proxy settings.

Open Referenced Resource at Cursor Location

A new WSAuthorEditorPageBase.buildURLForReferencedContent API was added. If the cursor is placed somewhere inside an entity reference, an xi:include reference, or a DITA content reference, this method will return a URL that, when used with Oxygen's Workspace.open(URL) API, will open the target resource and position it precisely at the location where the cursor was in the original XML document that referenced the content.

Compare Differences in Files from an Oxygen Plugin

A new PluginWorkspace.getCompareUtilAccess().createDiffPerformer() API was added and it allows custom code which runs in an Oxygen plugin to compare the differences of two XML files.

Customize the Project View

A new StandalonePluginWorkspace.getProjectManager() API was added that allows you to customize the Project view. For example, add new actions to the contextual menu, refresh a folder, or link a folder.

Component Updates

Schematron 2016

Updated Schematron schemas to the latest version (Schematron 2016).

Calabash 1.1.16

Updated the Calabash engine to version 1.1.16.

ECMAScript 2016

Updated syntax highlighting to the latest specifications (ECMAScript 2016).

Eclipse 4.7

The Oxygen Eclipse plugin was updated to officially support the latest Eclipse version 4.7.

DITA-OT 2.5.2

Updated the bundled DITA-OT distribution to version 2.5.2.


Updated the Saxon 9.7 libraries bundled with Oxygen to version

Saxon 9.7 and 9.8 External Add-ons updated

Updated the Saxon 9.8 add-on to version and updated the Saxon 9.7 add-on to version

DITA For Publishers Plugin 1.0.0RC26

Updated the DITA For Publishers plugins bundled with Oxygen and used for publishing DITA to EPUB to version 1.0.0RC26.

Apache XML Graphics FOP 2.2

Updated the Apache XML Graphics FOP processor used to create PDFs to the latest stable version 2.2.

Apache Batik 1.9

Updated the Apache Batik libraries used for SVG support to version 1.9.


Updated EPUB validation support for the Open Package Format (OPF) to version 3.1.

MarkLogic 9

Oxygen has been tested and is officially compatible with the MarkLogic 9 server.

TEI Schemas 3.2.0

Updated the bundled TEI schemas to version 3.2.0.

TEI XSLT 7.43.0

Updated the bundled TEI XSLTs to version 7.43.0.