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Oxygen XML Developer 14.1

Related Versions:

October 19, 2012

Version 14.1 of Oxygen XML Developer allows XML developers to start experimenting with the XML Schema 1.1 standard.

Opening very large XML files is no longer an issue. Support for huge XML files allows editing of multi GB documents.

Oxygen XML Developer updates many components, the embedded SVN client supports Subversion 1.7 and the Eclipse plugin distribution works with Eclipse version 4.2.

There are changes in:

XML Schema 1.1 Support

Oxygen improves the XML Schema 1.1 support, extending most of the XML Schema features to include XML Schema 1.1 capabilities. The XML Schema 1.1 support can be enabled from Options / Preferences / XML / XML Parser / XML Schema.

XML Documents Validation and Content Completion Assistance Based on XML Schema 1.1

The validation and Content Completion Assistant is available when editing XML documents against the XML Schema 1.1 schemas.

XML Schema Validation and Content Completion Assistance

The validation and Content Completion Assistant is available when editing XML Schema 1.1 files in the Text mode.
XML Schema 1.1 Support

Flatten Schema

The Flatten Schema action was updated to support XML Schema 1.1.

Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies and Refactoring Actions

The Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies view, Component Dependencies, and the Search and Refactoring actions were updated to support XML Schema 1.1.

Schema Model View

The Model view provides XML Schema 1.1-related information for elements and attributes of the edited document (open content, wildcards, type alternatives, etc.)

Master Files

The Master Files support was updated to handle also XML Schema 1.1 schemas.

XML Schema 1.1 Support Limitations

  • Editing XML Schema 1.1 files in the Schema Design mode does not present XML Schema 1.1 specific components
  • Generating XML Schema Documentation does not handle XML Schema 1.1 specific components
  • The support for generating XML instances based on XML Schema ignores XML Schema 1.1 specific components

Huge XML Files Support

Eclipse Plugin


Multi-Monitor Editing Support

You can drag edited files outside the main application window to expand your working area, allowing you to take full advantage of multiple monitors.
Multimonitor Editor Support

Support for Importing XLSX Documents

Importing MS Excel documents is now supported.

More Flexible Quick Find

Quick Find was enhanced to be supported in all text components.

SVN Client

Support for SVN 1.7

The embedded SVN Client supports SVN 1.7.5, allowing you to take advantage of the latest SVN improvements and fixes. Previous SVN versions and older working copies are also supported. SVN 1.7 working copies can be easily identified by the information in the status bar.
Support for SVN 1.7

Extended Support for Exporting Files

The support for exporting files from a repository was also made available in the Repositories and Revision Graph views. In the Repositories view it is now possible to export both directories and individual files.

Full Support for "svn add"

The "svn add" command and all its options are fully supported. The resources not under version control are collected automatically from any directory of a working copy.

Improved Handling of Unversioned and Ignored Directories

Processing content of unversioned or ignored directories can be avoided using options added in the Working Copy view. The SVN Client can be configured to ignore content of such directories, speeding up the loading of a working copy as well as other SVN operations.
Improved Handling of Unversioned and Ignored Directories

Working Copy Data and Improved Representation

The local modification time of files and the local revision of any working copy item were added in the Working Copy view. Other changes include dimmed rendering of ignored resources and improved sorting speed of working copy data.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

This version includes various improvements and bug fixes, such as corrections regarding the states and types of the working copy items, speed improvements on loading the working copy information, caching and auto-refreshing, and many others.

Updated Components

Support for MarkLogic 6

Oxygen has been updated to work with MarkLogic 6.