Release History - XML Developer

  • 2011

    Version 13.0 - August 29, 2011
    Version 13.1 - October 26, 2011
    Version 13.2 - January 12, 2012
  • 2012

    Version 14.0 - June 27, 2012
    Version 14.1 - October 19, 2012
    Version 14.2 - February 13, 2013
  • 2013

    Version 15.0 - June 7, 2013
    Version 15.1 - October 7, 2013
    Version 15.2 - January 22, 2014
  • 2014

    Version 16.0 - May 20, 2014
    Version 16.1 - October 7, 2014
  • 2015

    Version 17.0 - May 5, 2015
    Version 17.1 - October 20, 2015
  • 2016

    Version 18.0 - April 21, 2016
    Version 18.0.1 - August 9, 2016
    Version 18.1 - October 18, 2016
  • 2017

    Version 19.0 - April 5, 2017
    Version 19.1 - September 29, 2017
  • 2018

    Version 20.0 - March 16, 2018

Version 20.0

Version 20.0 of the Oxygen XML Editor brings you a variety of new features and improvements that focus on productivity, performance, efficiency, and simplicity and covers many aspects of functionality from XML authoring to XML development, from add-ons to built-in functionality, API changes, and component updates.

Version 19.1

Version 19.1 of the oXygen XML Editor brings you a variety of new features and improvements that focus on productivity, performance, efficiency, and simplicity.

Version 19.0

Version 19.0 of the oXygen XML Editor brings you a variety of new features and improvements that focus on productivity, efficiency, and simplicity.

Version 18.1

Although Oxygen XML Editor version 18.1 is a maintenance release that focuses on performance and usability improvements, it also adds a variety of powerful new features, making it similar to a major release.

Version 18.0.1

Oxygen XML Web Author version 18.0.1 is the latest release for the innovative Oxygen web-based authoring tool. Its powerful technology and adaptive interface allows you to review, contribute, and edit content from anywhere, on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. It includes a variety of new features and improvements to make your authoring, collaborating, and reviewing experience more efficient and productive than ever before.

Version 18.0

Oxygen XML Editor version 18.0 includes new features and improvements that set the standards for XML authoring and developing even higher than our users are already accustomed to.

Version 17.1

Oxygen XML Editor version 17.1 includes updates and improvements to make your XML authoring and developing experience even more productive and effective. The performance of many of the integral components has been optimized and numerous features were enhanced and fine-tuned to make Oxygen XML Editor even more powerful, dynamic, and easy to use. It also features a spectacular new visual design that makes everything look crisp and beautiful.

Version 17.0

Oxygen XML Editor version 17 sets the highest standard for XML development and XML authoring. It comes with important functionality updates and focuses on design to make your work not only productive, but also enjoyable.

Version 16.1

Version 16.1 of Oxygen XML Editor adds improvements to both the XML development and XML authoring functionality.

Version 16.0

XSLT development received a productivity burst in Oxygen XML Developer 16 with the addition of Quick Fixes support and improvements to refactoring actions. If you develop XSLT stylesheets to work with Saxon-CE in the browser, Oxygen will assist you with validation and content completion assistance for the Saxon-CE specific extensions.

Version 15.2

Version 15.2 of Oxygen XML Developer improves the support for developing Schematron and XML Schema schemas, adds support for working with modules to the Eclipse plugin and keeps updates many components to their latest versions.

Version 15.1

Version 15.1 of Oxygen XML makes a leap forward in working with XML modules. Using the Master Files support, Oxygen assists you while editing an XML document that belongs to a set of assembled modules, and provides you features such as module validation, in context Content Completion Assistant, ID referencing or module connection overview.

Version 15.0

Oxygen XML Developer 15.0 streamlines the development of web services with major improvements to its WSDL editing support that features intelligent search and refactoring actions, hierarchy and dependencies views, context-aware editing assistance and support for generating documentation. There are also improvements in working with XML databases and in the validation support.

Version 14.2

Version 14.2 of Oxygen XML Developer completes the set of XML Schema 1.1-related features with full schema editing support and capabilities to generate XML instances and schema documentation in accordance with W3C standards.

Version 14.1

Version 14.1 of Oxygen XML Editor makes XML authoring available to everybody, by allowing attributes to be edited directly in the Author mode through form-like controls and placing actions directly in the document flow. This expands the range of XML documents that can be edited visually from text-centric to data oriented documents.

Version 14.0

Version 14 marks a major step forward in the XML development support as it introduces additional concepts and functionality that change the way you develop XML and XML-related applications.

Version 13.2

Version 13.2 introduces a Syntax Highlight mechanism capable of handling mixed content types, improves the JSON editing support and bidirectional documents rendering, extends the XML-native database support with find/replace capabilities and updates many third-party components. Also, there are many improvements in the authoring support, including an updated DITA Maps Metrics Report, experimental support for CGM images and updated API.

Version 13.1

Version 13.1 adds support for XHTML 5, improved content completion assistance in XML modules, a TEI ODD framework, support for publishing DITA maps directly from a CMS or other remote resources and a metrics report for DITA maps. Being a maintenance release it has a focus also on fixing many small issues.

Version 13.0

Version 13 introduces Oxygen XML Developer as an additional product in the Oxygen products family. This aggregates all the XML development features offering a cost effective tool for people that do not need the visual editing support. Oxygen XML Editor is the union of Oxygen XML Developer and Oxygen XML Author offering both XML development and XML authoring capabilities.

Version 12.2

Version 12.2 of Oxygen XML introduces a number of unique development features. It provides support for editing XSLT and XML Schema modules in the context of a main XSLT, respectively main XML Schema file. For XML Schema visual editing it introduces a Palette view that allows to easily create new schema components by dragging them from this Palette view into the diagram. The support for the xml-model processing instruction for schema association that was previewed at XML Prague is available in 12.2 replacing the Oxygen specific processing instruction. The new version includes also one of the most requested features: Ant integration - the support for Ant transformation scenarios allows executing a target from an Ant script. For XSLT 2.0 and XQuery transformations it is possible to specify parameter values as XPath expressions when the engine allows that.

Version 12.1

Version 12.0

Version 11.2

Version 11.1

Version 11.1 of Oxygen XML Editor improves the XML authoring capabilities, the support for XML development and also a number of core features. The visual XML authoring uses schema information to provide intelligent editing actions that help keep the document valid and provide a better editing experience. The compact representation of tags and the quick up/down navigation features improve the ergonomics and the usability. Oxygen XML Editor can use any XQJ compliant XQuery processor for XQuery transformations, different error levels and external references can be specified for Schematron messages and the XProc support was improved with better editing and execution. The XML format and indent operation can use DTD/schema information to provide better formatting and the find and replace is XML aware and can accept XPath filtering to delimit the search scope.

Version 11.0

Version 11.0 of Oxygen XML Editor includes exciting features covering both XML development and XML authoring, such as XProc support, integrated documentation for XSLT stylesheets, a XQuery debugger (for the Oracle Berkeley DB XML database), MathML rendering and editing support, a smarter Author mode for an improved visual editing experience, and DITA 1.2 features.

Version 10.3

Version 10.2

Version 10.2 of Oxygen XML Editor adds important features for both XML authoring and XML development.

Version 10.1

Version 10.0

Version 9.3

Version 9.2

Version 9.1

Version 9.0

Version 8.2

Version 8.1

Version 8.0

Version 7.2

Version 7.1

Version 7.0

Version 6.2

Version 6.1

Version 6.0

Version 5.1

Version 5.0

Version 4.2

Version 4.1

Version 4.0

Version 3.1

Version 3.0

Version 2.0.4

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Version 2.0.1

Version 2.0

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Version 1.1

Version 1.0