Oxygen XML Author 9.3

July 2, 2008

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OOXML, ODF and Other ZIP-Based Packages Support

Microsoft® Office - Office Open XML (OOXML)   [read more...]

Oxygen XML Editor offers support for editing, transforming, and validating documents composed through the Office Open XML (OOXML) package directly through the archive support. This support is also available for other types of zipped files.

Open Document Format (ODF)   [read more...]

Oxygen XML Editor allows you to extract, validate, edit, and process XML data stored in Open Document Format (ODF) files and other ZIP-based archive. These capabilities allow you to use data from ODF documents, through validation and transformations, in other file formats.

Improvements in the Visual Author Mode

Improvements in the DITA Map Editor

Improvements in the Text Editor

Other Features

Component Updates