Oxygen includes a variety of specialized features to assist you with creating and editing HTML5 documents. Working with HTML5 documents has never been so easy.
  • HTML Editor
    Oxygen provides a special framework for editing HTML files (html or htm file extensions) with a variety of specialized editing features, including validation, content completion, syntax highlighting, HTML-specific actions, and more.
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    HTML Editor
  • HTML Validation
    Oxygen includes a built-in validator used for validating HTML documents. It is based upon the W3C HTML Validator and the HTML documents are validated against the W3C HTML5 specification.
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    HTML Validation
  • HTML Queries
    Oxygen provides an XPath toolbar that makes it easy to quickly query HTML documents using XPath expressions.
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  • HTML Minification/Compression
    Oxygen includes the ability to reduce the size of a large HTML document through the process of minification. Ultimately, it helps to reduce loading times in web browsers.
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  • CSS-like Editing (Emmet)
    An Oxygen Emmet Plugin is available as an add-on and it provides the means for high-speed coding and editing in Text mode or Author mode via a content assistance mechanism and it can be used for HTML documents.
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    HTML CSS Abbreviation