Oxygen XML Add-on Repositories

Oxygen XML Editor provides an add-on mechanism that can automatically discover and install frameworks and plugins (collectively named add-ons) from a remote location. A convenient user interface helps you install any available add-ons from an Add-on Repository without leaving Oxygen XML Editor (Help -> Install new add-ons). Oxygen XML Editor also supports automatically updating installed add-ons when new add-on versions are released.


  • The Add-on support is not available in the Eclipse plugin version of Oxygen XML Editor.

Official and Community Add-on Repositories

The Official and Community repositories are pre-configured in Oxygen XML Editor. To install or manage add-ons from these repositories, you need to select the corresponding site URL and specific add-on in the Help -> Install new add-ons or Help -> Manage add-ons user interface dialog boxes. A mirrored list of available official plugins is provided below:

NameVersionOxygen VersionAuthorType
CGM Form control(ActiveX-based) XML Editorplugin
Saxon 9.6 XSLT and XQuery Transformer19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
Saxon 9.7 XSLT and XQuery Transformer18.1.218.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin

If you would like to submit a new add-ons for inclusion in this page, or update information for an existing add-on, please ensure your add-on conforms with our Add-ons Guidelines and send an email to with "Add-on Submission" in subject line. Include the name of the add-on, a short description, its author, the Oxygen XML Editor compatible version number, a desired license, a presentation web site (if any), and a URL from which it can be downloaded. Add-ons will be added at the discretion of our community reviewers, considering factors such as quality, usefulness, and interest from the wider community. Please be aware that this process may take some time.

  • Community Add-ons are not supported or endorsed by Oxygen XML and are distributed under license from their copyright holder and not officially supported by Syncro Soft. In addition, notwithstanding who the copyright holder is, all Add-ons in this section are made available for download “as is and as available” without support or warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, satisfactory quality, and fitness for a particular purpose. Please direct any feature requests to the respective individuals or projects.
  • Besides the above mentioned repositories, many unofficial repositories could exist and can be added manually by each user in the Options -> Preferences -> Add-ons dialog box. Use third-party add-ons at your own risk and take notice that they may contain security issues or other problems.
  • If you find something that is outdated or in violation of our Add-ons Guildelines, please send us an e-mail at

Additional Add-ons Development Resources

Sample Add-On Repository

To help the add-on development community, Oxygen XML provides a set of sample Add-ons that are open-sourced at GitHub. The Sample Add-ons repository should be manually added in the Options -> Preferences -> Add-ons preferences page by pointing to https://www.oxygenxml.com/InstData/Addons/optional/updateSite.xml. Once configured, you need to select that site URL and the specific add-on in the Help -> Install new add-ons or Help -> Manage add-ons user interface dialog boxes.

NameVersionOxygen VersionAuthorType
CGM Form control(ActiveX-based) XML Editorplugin
Add-ons Packager18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
Add-ons Packager19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
BrokenLinksChecker18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
BrokenLinksChecker19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
CapLines18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
CapLines19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
Components Validator18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
Components Validator19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
Conversion18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
Conversion19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
CustomOpenRedirect18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
CustomOpenRedirect19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
CustomProtocol18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
CustomProtocol19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
DuplicateLine18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
DuplicateLine19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
FormatPreserveText18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
FormatPreserveText19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
FormSentences18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
FormSentences19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
FormWords18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
FormWords19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
ImposeOptions18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
ImposeOptions19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
LowerCase18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
LowerCase19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
UpperCase18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
UpperCase19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
WorkspaceAccess18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
WorkspaceAccess19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
ZeroIndent18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
ZeroIndent19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
oXygen Web Author Test Server18.1.018.1+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
oXygen Web Author Test Server19.0.019.0+Oxygen XML Editorplugin
  • A number of articles describing various aspects of frameworks and plugin development, and the architecture of add-ons, can be found in the SDK Documentation page.
  • Discussions about these add-ons are very welcome on the oxygen-user mailing list or on discussion forums, especially if the add-on in question does not have a forum of its own.
  • An alternative list of available add-ons is available as a blog entry.
  • When contributing add-ons, please ensure you follow the Add-on Guidelines without any exceptions.