Add-ons Submission Guidelines

It is important that add-on developers review this guide to ensure that common problems are addressed prior to submitting their add-on for review. We reserve the right to accept or decline any add-on at our discretion, but for an add-on to be considered for the public repository, the following guidelines must be satisfied at a minimum:
  1. You may not submit anything that you did not create or are legally licensed to distribute. All files must be free and legal to distribute and must not violate any known copyright laws. You are legally liable and can be sued by the owner of the content and by anyone who uses the asset.
  2. Your add-on shouldn't significantly impact the Oxygen product performance. The UI of Oxygen should be functional when your add-on is installed. If the UI breaks, your add-on will be rejected.
  3. You must include a license file (named LICENSE.txt). If your add-on is open source, ensure your source is publicly available.
  4. Your add-on should not contain advertising for other add-ons, products, or services.
  5. Your add-on provide enough information in its descriptions for users to figure out what it does.
  6. We allow the use of Oxygen XML trademark when appended to the name of an add-on (e.g., "ImageViewer for Oxygen XML") in such a way as not to cause confusion as to the origin of the add-on. We do not allow uses that may suggest that the add-on is an Oxygen product (e.g.,"Oxygen Image Viewer").
  7. Your add-on must support at least the latest Oxygen stable release at the time of submission. If a new stable Oxygen version is released, no new submissions are accepted for the previous version.
Please keep in mind that these are guidelines. Oxygen has the final decision in approving or rejecting your add-on. To submit an add-on, please follow these steps:
  1. Package your plugin or framework files using the Oxygen Add-ons Packager plugin.
  2. Host the add-on somewhere on the Web. Since Oxygen does not host third-party add-ons, you can host it on your own site, on public GitHub, or Google Code. Alternatively, you could also add it to a public Dropbox folder. The add-on just has to be available at an accessible URL.
  3. Email with “Add-on Submission” somewhere in the subject line. Include a brief add-on description, contact information, and the accessible URL of the add-on. We cannot give a time estimate as to how long it will take before an add-on is reviewed. In general, we hope to review plugins within 5 days of being submitted, but that’s not always possible. We will also review your add-on periodically and may revoke our approval where (for example) you’re not complying with the above guidelines or you’re not actively supporting or maintaining integration with Oxygen.
  1. When plugin users sign up to use your add-on, that will be under a separate legal relationship between you and that user concerning the add-on, independent of their legal relationship with Oxygen.
  2. Before submitting your add-on, be sure to test it! Check that everything works properly and no exceptions are thrown.

Please feel free to email us via if you need further assistance. We look forward to seeing your submission!