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What's New in Oxygen XML Webhelp 19.1

Related Versions: 19.019.1

September 29, 2017

Oxygen XML WebHelp version 19.1 is the latest release for the modern web publishing system. This release includes a variety of improvements to help make your WebHelp output even more responsive and intuitive for your audience. For this version, we focused much of our efforts on enhancing various components in the WebHelp Responsive system to make it easier for the end user to navigate through your documentation.

WebHelp Responsive

Side TOC Component Improvements

The side TOC component received a lot of improvements to make it easier to navigate through the topics in your documentation. It now includes expand/collapse buttons that you can use to see the child topics for a particular topic. Also, when you hover over a topic, a short description is now displayed in a tooltip. Furthermore, you can now control whether the side TOC will only present topics from the active chapter or all topics from your entire publication.
Side TOC Component Improvements

WebHelp Menu is Created Dynamically

The WebHelp menu was redesigned so that it is created dynamically when the user hovers over a certain topic. This reduces the size of the generated HTML files and increases the loading speed.

Automatic Permanent Links

Automatic permanent links are generated for topics that contain inner sub-sections. These links are useful when you want to share an exact section from your documentation with others.

Index Terms Page Redesigned

The index page was redesigned and improved. An alphabet that contains the first letter of the documentation index terms is now generated at the top of the index page. Each letter represents a link to a specific indices section. More over, the indexes are presented in multiple columns to make it easier to read this page.

Next/Previous Navigation Buttons

Next and Previous navigational buttons are generated depending on the collection-type="sequence" attribute that is set on the topic references in your DITA map. If you don't want to set this attribute on all topicref elements, you can instead use the webhelp.default.collection.type.sequence parameter to set the default value for the collection-type attribute to sequence.