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    Version 15.0 - June 7, 2013
    Version 15.1 - October 7, 2013
    Version 15.2 - January 22, 2014
  • 2014

    Version 16.0 - May 20, 2014
    Version 16.1 - October 7, 2014
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    Version 17.0 - May 5, 2015
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Oxygen XML Webhelp 16.0

Related Versions: 16.016.1

May 20, 2014

Oxygen XML WebHelp has been updated to work with DITA OT 1.8.4. Also, you can customize the style of the Oxygen WebHelp output that can be obtained from DITA and DocBook to look exactly as you want using the WebHelp skin builder.

As usual, this version contains lots of small improvements and bug fixes.

WebHelp Skin Builder

WebHelp Skin Builder

The WebHelp output style can be customized with a CSS that can be passed as a parameter for the transformations from DITA and DocBook to WebHelp. Oxygen provides an online tool that allows non-technical users to easily create these CSS customizations in a visual interface, starting from one of the pre-defined skin templates.

DITA Support

DITA OT 1.8.4

The DITA Open Toolkit was updated to version 1.8.4.

Support for Editing DITA Table Properties

Properties for cells, rows, columns or the entire table can be customized using the contextual Table Properties action. This allows setting vertical and horizontal alignment, column and row separators, conversions between header, body and footer row types or configuring the table frame property. CALS, Simple Table and Choice Table formats are supported.
Support for Editing DITA Table Properties

DITAVAL Content Completion Assistant

When editing a DITAVAL file, the Content Completion Assistant displays the profiling attribute names and possible values.

Profiling-Aware DITA Key Resolution

When you work with conditional content you can focus on a specific deliverable by enabling a profiling condition set. Some keys may be conditionally defined and Oxygen will take into account the profiling condition set that filters out some of the content when gathering the key definitions.

Component Updates


The Saxon XSLT, XQuery and XML Schema processor from Saxonica was updated to version

Updated TEI Schemas and Stylesheets

The TEI schema was updated to version 2.6.0 and TEI XSL stylesheets to version 7.11.0.

ANT 1.9.3

The ANT tool was updated to version 1.9.3.

POI 3.10

The Apache POI library was updated to version 3.10.