Oxygen XML Author 13

August 29, 2011

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There are changes in:

Attributes View

Quick Attribute Removal

When an attribute value is deleted, the attribute itself is removed. If an attribute with an empty value is needed, it can be set using a contextual action or by leaving the value empty when the attribute is added.

Intelligent Sorting

The predefined attributes are presented before the other ones in the Attributes view. Therefore, the attributes defined on an element are more visible, without the need to scroll down a list with a large number of possible attributes.

State Representation

Different font styles and colors are used to mark attribute states, allowing you to rapidly spot previously set attributes, default values, and invalid attributes.

Results Presentation

Tree-Table Presentation

The validation, transformation, spell checking and search results are presented in a tree-table view that allows a far better layout than the tree or table views previously available.

Grouping and Sorting

A tree-table presentation allows user-defined grouping and sorting. The keys used for grouping form the tree, while the rest of the information is presented using a table layout. The remaining table columns can be sorted.

Easy Identification of Messages

The results were enhanced with additional information to identify the operation that issued them. This information is used by the tree-table viewer to group messages from the same operation. Relevant messages related to batch operations or complex validation scenarios are easily identifiable.

XML Databases and Other Data Sources

Editor Variables

JSON Support








Improved Oxygen XML Diff

Improved Syncro SVN Client

Other features

Updated Components

Extended API

A detailed list of all changes to the Java API can be found here.