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    Version 9.0 - November 2, 2007
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Oxygen XML Author 10.1

Related Versions:

February 25, 2009

XML Schema Diagram

The XML Schema diagram offers a nice and compact representation of the schemas and allows intuitive schema authoring with drag-and-drop and in-place editing.

In-Place Editing   [read more...]

You can edit XML Schema component features directly within the diagram (for instance, the component name, its type, etc.) Valid proposals are offered in the contextual menu allowing you to easily insert new components in the current context.

Drag-and-Drop Editing   [read more...]

You can design your schema in the XML Schema diagram editor (Design mode) by using drag-and-drop to move, copy, or make references.

Attributes View   [read more...]

The Attributes view provides an easy way to edit attributes for all XML Schema components. You can choose valid values from a list or you can specify your own values. If an attribute has an invalid value it will be highlighted in the table so that you can easily spot the error and fix it.

Facets View   [read more...]

Using the Facets view, you can easily check the existing facets (including the default facets), edit values, or add patterns and enumerations. If a facet has an invalid value it will be highlighted in the table.

Visual Error Markers   [read more...]

When an editing action introduces an error, the XML Schema validator displays the border of that particular component in red.

Documentation for XML Schema

Oxygen provides a flexible, carefully designed and fast XML Schema documentation tool.

Multiple Output Formats   [read more...]

It is possible to generate XML Schema documentation in various formats including HTML, PDF, and DocBook.

For large XML Schemas, a generate documentation option is available for the HTML format that will output documentation in multiple files. The documentation includes diagrams that represent the models for the XML elements, attributes, and types.

Support for Imported and Included XML Schemas   [read more...]

The generated documentation includes all the components defined in the imported or included schemas.

Best Look and Performance   [read more...]

The documentation output is carefully designed with a balanced selection of colors and a neatly organized layout.

Oxygen XML Editor delivers the best performance available for generating XML schema documentation. Even for the largest XML schemas (thousands of components), Oxygen generates complete documentation within seconds.

Author Mode


XML Schema Outline View   [read more...]

The Outline view for XML Schema displays the XML schema components from the current schema and from the included and imported schemas. All the global components can be sorted by name and grouped by type, location, or namespace.

XQuery Outline View   [read more...]

The Outline view displays the list of all components (namespace declarations, variables, and functions) from the imported modules, along with the components declared in the current file. Components can be sorted by name and grouped by type, location, or namespace.

Content Completion Assistant

Content Completion Assistant Offers the List of Components from Included/Imported XML Schemas   [read more...]

XML Schema editing is simple with Oxygen, since you can insert references to components from other XML Schema files and you are assisted by the Content Completion Assistant. Oxygen automatically detects the modified included/imported schemas and adjusts the list of proposals in the Content Completion Assistant.

Content Completion Assistant Offers the List of Components from Imported XQuery Modules   [read more...]

The Content Completion Assistant offers variables and functions from the edited file and also from the imported XQuery modules.

Content Completion Assistant Offers XQuery Functions, Including XML Database Extensions   [read more...]

For all the supported XML database engines (eXist, MarkLogic, Tiger Logic, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.), the Content Completion Assistant displays both the XQuery standard functions and the extension functions available for that engine.

XSLT and XQuery


Components and Frameworks