Oxygen XML Web Author Integration

Oxygen XML Web Author combines the power of Oxygen XML Author and the versatility of HTML5. It can be deployed on a server to provide a web-based visual editor for authoring and reviewing XML content.

Oxygen XML Web Author is available in two different distributions:

  1. Oxygen XML Web Author Component - Intended to be integrating into another application.
  2. Oxygen XML Web Author (product) - Intended to be used as-is or with customizations by an end-user.

For more information about the Web Author product, or to give it a try, go to the official website: http://oxygenxml.com/webauthor.

For a detailed comparison of the two distributions, see https://www.oxygenxml.com/doc/ug-waCustom/topics/wa-product-vs-sdk.html.

WebApp Integration

For information about customizing the Oxygen Web Author Component, see the Oxygen XML Web Author Customization Guide. For example, you can customize Oxygen Web Author Component by:

To build and run the Oxygen Web Author Component, see Running and Testing the Oxygen XML Web Author Component.


The licensing terms and conditions for the Web Author Component are defined in the Oxygen XML Editor SDK License Agreement.

Development Phase

The right to develop and test applications based on Web Author Component and is granted free of charge, subject to registration and terms and conditions of the SDK Agreement. During the development and testing phase, all integrators are allowed to request access to a dedicated Syncro Licensing Server to enable the use of Web Author Component inside their application. You can contact to request your custom account.

Deployment Phase

For each deployment of an application that integrates Web Author Component, you are required to pay to Syncro Soft a runtime license fee. Please note that there should be a correspondence between your application licensing model and the yearly subscription concurrent license model of the Oxygen XML Web Author product.

If you want to offer trials of your applications that use the Web Author Component to your prospective customers, the best strategy is to configure the Web Author Component to register with your dedicated account on the Syncro Licensing Server. If this option is not available, or you can request for Syncro to offer 30-days trial license keys for each such customer.


There is no royalty fee for Web Author connector deployments that work only within Oxygen XML Web Author (they cannot operate on their own). These are actually plugins for Oxygen XML Web Author product and you are responsible for them. You can license them under your own licensing terms (including commercial), the only exception is that you can't use GPL, as Oxygen XML Web Author is not GPL.

For further information, read our SDK Licensing page or contact our .