Frequently Asked Questions


Do developers have to register or pay fees to download and use the Oxygen XML SDK?

No, it does not cost anything. You just need to register (free) and comply with the terms and conditions of the Oxygen XML SDK license.

What customizations created with Oxygen XML SDK can be freely distributed to other Oxygen XML users?

You can freely market and distribute certain customizations under your own terms and conditions according to the Oxygen XML SDK license, taking into account that all of the customizations listed in the subsequent sentence run within an Oxygen XML instance, and you have to make sure that the receiving party owns a compatible Oxygen license version. The following types of customizations can be developed for this purpose: a plugin, a new framework for a document type, a customization of an Oxygen framework for a default document type (DITA, DocBook, TEI, etc.), an extension to access Oxygen XML Eclipse plugin features from your own Eclipse plugin.

How can I easily market and distribute a custom framework or plugin to other Oxygen XML users?

There is always the possibility to directly promote the customization through your marketing channels for your target group by taking advantage of the Add-on support. Another possibility is to request the addition of your customization to the public Oxygen XML Add-on Repository (they will be available to all Oxygen users). Please note that according to our policy we cannot endorse any user customization and we reserve the right to select customizations that appear on the public repository.

I'm using Oxygen XML SDK to integrate the Author Component into my own application. What are the terms and conditions we need to comply with in order to be able to use and distribute it?

If you want to embed Author Component into your own application, you need to comply with the terms and conditions specified in Oxygen XML SDK license, particularly section 4 ("Deployment license grant"). Read more about licensing here:

My application is only used internally. I do not distribute the application commercially. Am I exempt from paying deployment licenses?

No, you are not exempt. Deployment licenses are required for each user of the application, whether the copies are used internally or are distributed commercially.

I want to have a demo or evaluation version of my application. Do I have to pay deployment licenses for these?

Provided that the demo expires within 30 days, it can be offered free of charge to prospects and you must agree to use the centralized Syncro Licensing Server for verifying the compliance. Syncro will then provide permission for royalty-free deployment licenses. If you simply have a free version of your application that does not expire or you cannot comply with the above terms, deployment licenses are required.

I am only using a small subset of SDK features. Do I have to pay for the full deployment license?

Every customer is only using a small subset of features. Feature usage is not typically a basis for deployment license fee reduction.

Do you require deployment licenses for end-user non-production environments (internal testing, Q/A, beta testers, etc.)?

Yes, a deployment license is required for any computer on which the end user application is installed. Syncro does permit you to re-use deployment licenses that are used for non-production environments. For example, if you purchase 20 deployment licenses and have 5 testers to whom the application was deployed temporarily for Q/A purposes, the 5 deployment licenses issued to the testers may be reused along with the remaining prepaid unused licenses for commercial/production deployments.

Do you require deployment licenses for sales agents who use the application software for demonstration purposes?

No, as long as you have purchased at least an equal number of deployment licenses as the number of licenses issued to sales agents. For example, if you have 10 sales agents to whom you have deployed the application, you are not required to purchase a separate license for the sales agents provided you have purchased at least 10 deployment licenses to be used for commercial deployments.

Once I integrate the Author Component solution with my application, I want to resell and/or recommend Oxygen XML Editor. Which program do I look at?

If you integrate your software solution with Oxygen XML products, you should become a Value Added Reseller partner. Please contact for more details.


What languages should Oxygen XML SDK developers be familiar with?

Syncro has made a concerted effort to enable developers to extend or add functionality to Oxygen XML using the tools and languages they already know. Some of the customizations can be done by using various settings in the Document Type Association dialog box. If you are required to write custom actions or extend functionality using plugins, you should be familiar with the Java SE toolkit and Eclipse development environment (the API is Java based).

What version of Java is required to use the Oxygen XML SDK?

The Oxygen XML SDK requires Java 6 or above (the same Java version required by standard Oxygen XML products). Some restrictions may also apply if you want to deploy the applications on Mac operating systems.

What kind of support service do you offer for Oxygen XML SDK developers?

We have a dedicated support team. The technical support will be provided by the developers who are engaged in developing our products and this support is included in the Oxygen XML Support and Maintenance Pack. You will also have access to our Support Forums, as well as articles and documentation. We encourage you to register to become a member of the Oxygen community.

Does your company offers consulting services for the Oxygen XML SDK?

Syncro Soft no longer provides fee-based support or consulting services related to the Oxygen XML SDK, but instead we can recommend specific integrators and/or consulting companies.

Where do I file bug reports for Oxygen XML SDK?

If you have a technical support issue and do not find your answer online, you can contact Syncro Technical Support at or at the telephone numbers listed on the Contact Page.

I have a use case that cannot be implemented using the current API. What are the chances of requesting an API extension and have it implemented in next Oxygen version?

Syncro is always open to new requests for new functionality and appreciate user interaction. We encourage you to email and explain the use case and the reason you need an API extension. Based on whether the API extension functionality targets the general audience or a large user group, it may be implemented in the next version. Otherwise, our developers will try to provide you with a workaround or alternative solution.

Is there a guarantee that the API will not change from one version to another?

Oxygen XML SDK compatibility between Oxygen XML versions cannot be absolutely guaranteed. The goal is to be 100% compatible and the development team tries very hard to achieve this.