OxygenXML Author Component

The Oxygen XML SDK can be used to integrate the visual Oxygen Author mode in your own Java Swing applications.

Standalone/Applet Integration

You can read more about the Author Component in the Author Component Developer Guide. The starting point for the API is the AuthorComponentFactory.

CMS Oxygen Component

The Oxygen SDK project module oxygen-sample-swing-compoent contains a sample Author Component integration as a Java Swing component. This module depends on several other modules:

  • bundle-options - specifies the Oxygen options to be used by the application.
  • bundle-plugins - specifies the Oxygen plugins to be installed in the application. The pom.xml file holds the plugin dependencies. You can comment out the dependencies you do not want to be included in the application.
  • bundle-frameworks - contains the frameworks that the applet will use.

To build and package the application together with all its dependencies, follow the steps described in the README.html file from this project.


The licensing terms and conditions for the Author Component are defined in the Oxygen XML SDK License Agreement.

Development Phase

The right to develop and test applications based on the Author Component and is granted free of charge, subject to registration and terms and conditions of the SDK Agreement. During the development and testing phase, all integrators are allowed to request access to a dedicated Syncro Licensing Server to enable the use of the Author Component inside their application. You can contact to request your custom account. If the integration is for in-house use, an alternative to the Syncro Licensing Server could be the use of your own Oxygen XML floating license servlet (if you already own floating licenses).

Deployment Phase

For each deployment of an application that integrates Author Component, you are required to pay to Syncro Soft a runtime license fee. Please note that there should be a correspondence between your application licensing model and Author Component licensing model that are the currently available Named and Floating Users

If you want to offer trials of your applications that use Author Component to your prospective customers, the best strategy is configure the Author Component to register with your dedicated account on the Syncro Licensing Server. If this option is not available, you can request for Syncro to offer 30-days trial license keys for each such customer.


If the Application will be used by your company internally (the integration is for in-house use), you will have the option to buy or use already purchased regular Oxygen software licenses that will enable (more than the normal usage conferred by the Oxygen license) the runtime usage of the Author Component as it was integrated into your application.

For further information, read our SDK Licensing page or contact our .