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DITA-OT Day 2018

Welcome to the DITA-OT Day 2018!

This is a full day conference dedicated to the DITA Open Toolkit project, DITA-OT which is the reference DITA implementation and the core of almost all DITA-based publishing solutions. This year we host the 5th edition of DITA-OT Day after the huge success of DITA-OT Day 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Call For Proposals

Deadline: July 25, 2018

As we get ready for the fifth annual DITA-OT Day, we want to hear from you! Along with the usual updates on new features and plans, this year we want to focus on the people and teams using DITA-OT. We expect to have a mix of short lightning talks and longer, in-depth sessions; subjects range from technical talks about plugin development to high level overviews about deploying or managing DITA-OT within an organization. We are looking for speakers on anything related to DITA-OT; sample topics might include:

  • If your team is new to DITA, do you have any recent stories about adopting DITA-OT? What went right, what went wrong?
  • Deploying DITA-OT within an organization: how do you manage roll out of DITA-OT to your team -- whether that's a team of five, or a team of five hundred?
  • Managing DITA-OT: what skills are required to support your use of DITA-OT, and how do you find those skills?
  • Testing DITA-OT: do you have any local testing frameworks to share (for DITA-OT itself, for custom extensions, or both)?
  • Custom plugin development: do you have any fancy styles or output formats to show off and share?
  • If DITA-OT is just one part of a larger workflow, how do you ensure all the parts keep working together?
  • Do you have any stories about using DITA-OT and Lightweight DITA to publish content from both professional authors and developers?
  • If you've worked with companies who use DITA-OT differently, what do some get right, what do some get wrong?
  • Anything else we're missing? If it's related to DITA Open Toolkit, we'd like to hear your ideas!

You can submit your proposal using following the link below:

Submit Proposal

We look forward to seeing you in Rotterdam!

Free Registration

Please join us at the DITA-OT Day that we're holding in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on November 4, 2018!
This event takes place on the pre-conference day of the Content Management Strategies/DITA Europe Conference.

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The Call for Proposals is on, we expect the agenda to be announced at the beginning of August.


Wilhelminakade 137
3072 AP - Rotterdam
Tel.: +31 (0)10 206 7600

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