Download Oxygen Scripting

Read the End User License Agreement

The current Oxygen Scripting distribution is the Oxygen XML Editor All Platforms distribution, which includes the Oxygen Scripting scripts.

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  • SHA-256



  • After downloading extract the oxygen.tar.gz archive.
  • Do not extract the archive in a folder where a previous version of Oxygen is already installed.
  • Copy the license key to a file named scriptinglicensekey.txt and save it in the main application directory (the parent directory of the "scripts" directory).


  • On Windows run .bat scripts from the scripts folder.
  • On Unix, Linux, Solaris, etc. run .sh scripts from the scripts folder.

Uninstalling the Application

  • Backup all valuable data from the Oxygen folder.
  • Delete the Oxygen folder.


  • You need to purchase an Oxygen Scripting license or request a trial license at .
  • Minimum hardware configuration is Intel/AMD 64-bit CPU with 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended) and 1 GB free disk space.
  • Java/OpenJDK 11 or 17 from Oracle or from Eclipse Adoptium.
  • Oxygen may work very well with JVM implementations from other vendors but if there are incompatibilities then they will not be fixed in future Oxygen releases.