What's New in Oxygen PDF Chemistry 23.0

November 19, 2020

Related version: 23.1    

Version 23 of Oxygen PDF Chemistry provides more improvements and new possibilities for the CSS Paged Media processor used for obtaining PDF output from HTML or XML documents simply by styling them with CSS.

Chemistry Processor

Image Maps Now Fully Supported

Image maps are now fully supported in DITA-based output. The shapes that are defined in the image map are rendered in the output as clickable areas within the image and the list of links are presented below the image. Two new parameters (-show.image.map.area.numbers and -show.image.map.area.shapes) are used to instruct the publishing engine to make the numbers and shapes visible in the output. For more details, see How to Use Image Maps.

Avoid Line Breaks at Hyphens

A line break at a hyphen character can cause PDF readers to join the lines but discard the hyphen character when copying and pasting content. A new extension property (-oxy-avoid-breaking-line-at-hypens) can be used to avoid this type of line break.

High Quality Text Rendering for Latin Scripts

Latin ligatures are now enabled by default. This means that, depending on the capabilities of your particular font, high quality text rendering is possible for Latin-based scripts.

Support for Advanced Font Settings (Ligatures, Stylesets)

Chemistry now supports advanced OpenType font settings, such as font-variant-ligatures (for ligatures) and font-variant-alternates (for stylesets).

More Fallback Fonts

Additional fallback fonts were added to help avoid having missing characters in the PDF output. For example, DejaVu fonts were added as fallbacks for the SansSerif, Serif, and Monospace font families.

Support for Rounded Corners on Borders

Now you can round border corners using the border-radius CSS property. The background-color property also follows the defined border shape.

Support for initial and unset CSS Values

The global CSS property values initial and unset are now allowed in many of the supported CSS properties.

The widows and orphans CSS Properties are Applied to Lists

The widows and orphans CSS properties are now applied to the lists, as well as paragraphs (the default value is 2). This means that a list that spans consecutive pages will have either none or at least 2 text lines on each of the pages.

CFF Fonts Now Supported

Support was added for CFF (Compact Font Format) fonts packed in a TTC font collection.

Add Links to SVG Images

It is now possible to place links over parts of SVG images that point to other document sections. This is useful if, for example, you want to use the SVG graphic as a type of table of contents or image map.

New Parameter for Controlling the Version of the PDF

The new pdf.version transformation parameter can be used to specify the version of the produced PDF.

Component Update: Apache Batik 1.13

Updated the Apache Batik SVG toolkit to version 1.13.

Component Update: Apache FOP 2.5

Updated Apache FOP to version 2.5.

Component Update: Apache XML Graphics 2.4

Updated the Apache XML Graphics Commons library to version 2.4.

Component Update: Apache Commons IO Library 2.8.0

Updated the Apache commons-io library that is bundled inside FOP to version 2.8.0.